13 Movies To Watch When You’re Engaged

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by Rebecca Hanley

He asked, you said yes, it’s ON! While everyone around you is beyond excited about your upcoming nuptials with the man of your daydreams, there’s probably only SO much time you can spend talking about it before they’re going to have change the subject. So when that happens, your friends from Hollywood will happily continue the convo! Here are 13 wedding movies to watch in the lead-up to your big day…

1) Bridesmaids 
The competition between two bridesmaids (played by funny pros Rose Byrne and Kristen Wiig) over who’s REALLY the bride’s best friend leads to a near-criminal incident on a plane, a near-drowning by chocolate and the most cringe-worthy bridesmaid dress fitting you’ve ever seen. It’ll have you in stitches (and maybe a little bit scared).


2) Wedding Crashers
This classic is compulsory pre-wedding viewing. It’s got Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher together on one screen, OK?


3) The Vow 
A loopy romantic drama starring Rachel McAdams as Paige, a sculptor who suffers amnesia and no longer recognises her hubbie Leo, played by Channing Tantum.


4) 27 Dresses
We love Katherine Heigl in this too-funny movie (and may have watched it around 27 times).


5) The Five Year Engagement 
So this rom com might not get you inspired about being engaged – but on the upside, it may make your bridesmaids really, really appreciate that they’re only on duty for around 12 months, instead of five long tortourous years!


6) The Big Wedding 
Starring Katherine Heigl, Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton, this comedy follows a dysfunctional divorced couple who pretend to be still married at their adopted son’s wedding.


7) Bride Wars 
Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway play besties who go more than a little cray when they both schedule their weddings on the same day.


8) The Proposal 
Sandra Bullock does the pushy woman so well, and here she bullies her PA (played by mega babe Ryan Reynolds) into marrying her to secure an American Visa…


9) Made of Honour 
The ‘male of honour’ tries to woo the bride in this twisted romance starring Patrick Dempsey. Worth watching if you were a fan of Patrick in Grey’s Anatomy.


10) The Wedding Singer
Any flick where Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler join forces gets a tick from us. This one features the happy ending to trump all happy endings.


11) The Wedding Planner 
There are possibly only five words necessary here: Matthew McConaughy is in it.


12) My Best Friend’s Wedding 
While you may not want to encourage any of your besties to have a revelation they’re in love with you before the wedding, watching Julia Roberts chase after her best mate is pretty amusing.


13) Four Weddings And A Funeral 
This classic inspired a run of wedding-related flicks – and it never hurts to revisit where it all started back in the ’90s with Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell.


Which flicks are you planning to watch, Wedding Clubbers?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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