Secrets to Find the Right Wedding Day Style

These are the main things you should consider when defining your wedding style. Your style represents you: take your time in figuring out what you’ll enjoy on your big day.

by Sophia Smith

When you’re a bride to be, planning a wedding is all you can think about. From the choice of the wedding venue and the time of the ceremony to picking the right wedding dress and hair and makeup – there is a lot to take care of. Relax and take a deep breath: here are some useful tricks you can use to make your wedding day style truly reflect you and help you enjoy your big day as a breathtaking bride.

PinterestA photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography.
A photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography.

Taking personal style into consideration

Many women start planning a wedding style that is far out of their comfort zone, thinking they don’t really have that many options. The truth is, you don’t have to go for the classical glamorous fairy-tale wedding if you don’t feel like you fit into the princess-bride cookie cutter mold. Adapting your personal style and channeling it into the wedding-formal is the key to feeling comfortable and shining bright on your big day.

PinterestA photo by Tim Arterbury
A photo by Tim Arterbury

Open up your wardrobe and analyze what you see. Define your style: are you into boho-chic? Does your everyday style always have a glamorous note? Maybe you enjoy the combination of romantic and vintage? Your style is a reflection of who you are and can help you a lot with coming up with a great wedding style. Once you’ve framed it, choosing a gown shouldn’t cause you further headache.

Choosing the right time and venue

Now that you’ve defined your personal style, think about how you can incorporate it into your wedding. If you love that hippie boho style, you wouldn’t necessarily want to arrange a ceremony that with a strict classic formal dresscode, but more of a casual formal. Search for that rustic charm and consider organizing an outdoor wedding, maybe even somewhere in the mountains or on the beach.

PinterestChoosing the right time and venue
Choosing the right time and venue

Consider colorful details, custom-made ornaments, feathers and flowers that will reflect that free-spirit nature. If you enjoy a more sophisticated wedding that is all about glamour, consider renting a wedding hall or a fancy ballroom. For a romantic or vintage wedding, a garden is a great option. If you’re sentimental about some particular location (e.g. your grandparents’ farm house), why not organize a ceremony there? After you’ve chosen the venue, consider the season: you wouldn’t want a rainy day on your beach wedding, wouldn’t you?

Hairstyle and makeup

Your hairstyle and makeup must match the look you’re going for. For example, your boho-chic wedding requires an effortless look: ask your hairdresser to make your hair a bit messy and consider adding a flower crown or rustic ornaments for that free-spirit look. An updo with a few unruly strands framing your face is a nice choice. For a glamorous style, opt for the polished and sleek look. Explore different hairstyles that would be suitable. You can try various hairstyles for a romantic look, but waves and curls are usually the best option.

PinterestHairstyle and Makeup
Hairstyle and Makeup

Many women are too afraid to do their own makeup for the wedding. While hiring a professional isn’t a bad option, the fact is – you do your makeup every day, so it’s not that big of a deal really. Whatever makeup style you choose – strobing, contouring, or the nude look, the key to looking good is the immaculate skin.

To make sure all of your makeup stays on, always use a primer. Invest in the reputable ones, such as the Napoleon perdis, which is recommended by makeup professionals that will enable your skin to breathe and prevent smearing. To do it like a pro, follow these simple steps: use a primer that will help you diminish the signs of fatigue and set the base for your makeup; use a light-structured foundation to get that evened out complexion and cover all the imperfections; use a concealer to hide dark circles, zits or heavy discolorations; use a blush to give your face a fresh look. These are the steps you need to follow to have healthy-looking skin that will function as a base upon which you can build your desired wedding makeup style.

PinterestHairstyle and makeup
Hairstyle and makeup

These are the main things you should consider when defining your wedding style. Your style represents you: take your time in figuring out what you’ll enjoy on your big day.

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by Sophia Smith


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