Insider’s guide on choosing the right Celebrant

Karen Brown from A Timeless Love is here to share the insiders guide on how to choose the right marriage celebrant for you and the right questions to ask to…

by Karen Brown

Karen Brown from A Timeless Love is here to share an insiders guide on how to choose the right marriage celebrant for you and the right questions to ask to make sure you get the most from your celebrant on the big day.

Marriage Celebrants in Sydney - Karen Brown

Congratulations on your engagement! They say the average cost for a wedding is anywhere from $36,000 – $65,000 so there will be many considerations to ensure your day falls within your budget.

With the excitement of organising venues, styling, flowers, wedding gown and bridesmaids outfits, suits for the groom and his guys, stunning shoes, rings, honeymoon, hens and bucks weekends, gifts for the bridal party – it’s no wonder the costs mount up.

Don’t cut back on costs choosing your Celebrant. Your ceremony is about everything you have dreamed of! Great location, stunning bride and groom and attendants, and you want a Celebrant who is confident and ensures you have the best ceremony to start your celebrations! A ceremony that everyone comments on and enjoys and gives you wonderful memories.

A great celebrant will guide you through everything you need to do, so choosing the right one is a key element to how your beautiful wedding day will unfold. They ensure all the legal aspects are completed and they happily do it so that you are not stressed and have confidence that they have everything organised for a happy and professional wedding ceremony.

Marriage Celebrants in Sydney - Karen Brown

You should look for a Celebrant that loves what they do. Someone who genuinely cares about you both, and listens to what you would like your ceremony to look like, whether it be a small intimate ceremony, or a large formal and elegant ceremony or anything in between. Whatever it is that YOU want, your Celebrant should be able to help guide you with ideas on what can be included and how it will come together.

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Here are some tips on what to discuss with Celebrants when deciding which one you should book for the most important and memorable day of your lives, ask them:

  • How do they give you the style and ceremony of your dreams
    • What information do they give you and how do they work with you to ensure you have a personally written ceremony that specifically reflects you both and your love story
    • Will they give you a draft ceremony so you can make sure it’s just how you want it to be?
  • How many meetings are needed, and what paperwork and process is involved?
    • Are they happy to meet with you as many times as you need, so that you are confident and will they give you a great rehearsal, so you and your bridal party know what to do on the day and how the entrance and recessional should be, and where everyone should stand?
  • Ask them to tell you what they do when they arrive:
    • Will they set up a beautiful signing table for you, will they ensure their PA system is available to play music for your ceremony, do they look after the groom and calm his nerves and continually check that everything is in place and ready for when the bride arrives
  • When do they usually arrive at a ceremony 15-20 minutes before, or an hour before?
    • Are they rushing due to traffic or do they arrive early, to be calm and organised and ready to deliver a great ceremony
  • Are they members of a Marriage Celebrant Association, so that they continually network with their peers and value their profession?
  • Will they share samples of their previous ceremonies, so you can see if they do write unique ceremonies for every couple, or just cut and paste the names.
  • Will they give you testimonials and videos from their couples for you to review?
  • Will they dress to your colour scheme and style for the ceremony?
  • Check their web site and face book pages – do you like their style and the gallery of photos of their work. Do you see happy couples with a professional and caring Celebrant?


Most of all, it’s about a great connection and genuine warmth you feel with your Celebrant. When you know they are professional, love what they do, and genuinely want to ensure YOU have an amazing wedding ceremony, just how you want it to be – then you have a great Celebrant. It’s worth paying for quality for such an important event in your life.


This fantastic guide to choosing your celebrant was brought to you by Karen Brown at ATimelessLove

If your getting married in the Sydney area make sure to contact Karen who will make sure your big day is a special one.

Also check out Karen’s Facebook page at: atimelesslovekarenbrown


by Karen Brown


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  1. Karen. I just love your draft ceremony you have written for Cam & I & can’t wait for our big day fast approaching.
    I know we couldn’t have found a better celebrant than you xo

  2. Thank you Melissa. I am delighted you and Cam love your ceremony I have written for your dream wedding. I am excited to be your Celebrant and share in your special day. Karen

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