Will 12-12-12 Outshine 11-11-11?

12-12-12 is set to be a record breaking day for wedding ceremony numbers in Australia.

by Alicia Richardson

Wednesday is the last day that couples can wed on a triple digit date in this century. The preferred time to exchange vows on 12.12.12? 12:12 of course!

We spoke to a NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages representative who confirmed that the Registry has in fact received a record number of requests for 12.12.12 bookings – at the time we spoke, a total of 123 bookings had been made across their four Registry sites, which is over ten times the number of ‘I do’s’ the Registry would normally perform on a weekday.

So popular in fact that in Sydney the Registry has had to hire two additional venue rooms to cater for the demand. A normal weekday sees them perform between 10-12 marriages, while on a weekend this number increases to 16 on both Saturday and Sundays.

Private wedding celebrants around the nation have also confirmed to us that they have been booked out for some time for this date, with double to triple the amount of bookings they would normally receive for a weekday.

So why the demand? Many cultures believe that marrying on a triple digit date such as 12.12.12 automatically brings good luck and fortune to the couple. Plus there is always the bonus that it’s difficult to forget such a date for future anniversaries.

So is it too late to exchange vows on 12.12.12 if you haven’t already locked in a time with a celebrant or the registry office? The NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages has advised us that, “Even though 123 marriages is a record day for the Registry, we can always find room for a couple more. For couples wishing to marry outside the Registry, they should contact their celebrant who has their booking and ask to move the date forward.”

However keep in mind that except in special cases you will need to meet the 30 day notice period required by law (all couples must give their minister, celebrant or the registry office 30 days’ notice through a Notice of Intended Marriage). So if you haven’t yet done so perhaps you could aim for your ceremony to be held on 11.12.13, which is a pretty catchy number as well.

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by Alicia Richardson


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