DIY Screen-Printed Wedding Invites

Bride Julie comes up with a great way to produce her own wedding invitations.

by Julie Sharper

I was looking over my past blogs and I realised I haven’t touched on invitations, the most important part of getting people to your wedding. Looking through The Knot, it seems that wedding invites should ideally be sent out six to eight weeks prior to your wedding, for those having a destination wedding it’s suggested that invites are sent out ten to twelve weeks prior to the big day.

Now there are all kinds of avenues for your invites, you can get them designed by a professional, you could opt for a semi professional, like some of the wonderful designer’s from ETSY, or if you’re brave or are luckily enough to have an arty fiancé you can DIY.

DIY allows you to design what you want for less, and hey it’s a bit fun too.

Diary of a Bride: Julie DIY invitations 1

Pictured: Darcie knew she wanted her invitations to be simple, yet meaningful. She dressed up soft wood-grain stationery (left) with turquoise and orange Mexican designs.

Dan used his design background to craft these rustic-style screen-printed invitations (right), which he had printed at Lead Graffiti in Newark, DE.

Diary of a Bride: Julie DIY invitations

Pictured: For the favours, Tyson created a “Monsters in Love” illustration and hand-painted each one onto vintage wallpaper using a Japanese Gocco printing machine.

So that is what we went with, though with a bit of a twist. I’m fortunate that I have an arty other half, so using his creative mind he whipped up a cute invitation design and wording which he developed into a screen print. I would love to show everyone the end product, though we want to keep it a surprise.

Now screen printing isn’t for everyone, it involves a few extras besides the good old scissors, craft clue and a printer, but the final result is awesome, if you’re tempted to try. We started screen printing from a beginners pack from a company called Speedball (speedballart.com), you can purchase these packs online, or pick them up at your local art store.

Back to our screen print, once we perfected the image we collected our invitation card, we opted for medium stock card in bright fun colours and we started printing. Now I must let all you budding screen printers know that this form of creativity is very much trial and error and even the most seasoned screen printers can get frustrated and at some points I thought we would never get them done.

Though after some trial and error we were able to print 120 invites in about an hour (after a few attempts), now all that is left is the RSVP and our gift registry cards.

Hopefully this inspires some of you to DIY. Have fun with it!

Till next time. Julie xo

Are you planning to make your own wedding invitations?


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by Julie Sharper


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