The Secrets To Getting Wedding Photos You’ll Want To Look At Forever (And Ever)

Want to know how to look AMAZING in your wedding pics? We asked a pro how it's done.

by Rebecca Hanley

Ah, the wedding photos. These images will depict one of the happiest days of your life: the moment that you and your beloved seal your union and formalise your commitment, ’til death do you part. These photos will likely be on your wall (and your parents’ mantles) for a LOT of years to come. Not to mention, you’ve seen your friends looking all glowy-bride in their wedding shots on Facey, and you want yours to look the same – only better. Yep, they’re kinda a big deal. So to help you get the best wedding photos ever, we asked pro wedding photographer Daniel Griffiths from Daniel Griffiths Photography to tell us everything he knows about getting the perfect shots.


What are the main questions brides should ask when booking a photographer?
“Do we receive all the images/files taken? And if not, why not?”

What’s a good way to see if a photographer is a good fit for a bride and her husband-to-be?
“Have a chat to the photographer on the phone or a meeting in person. Ask questions about their history and background, including what led them into photography.”


What’s one thing lots of couples overlook when choosing a photographer?
“Most couples don’t realise they are buying the ‘capture’ – who wants any prints or albums if the capture is terrible! Photoshop can’t fix terrible capture.”

Do you have any tips for how brides can get the most out of their photographer on the day?
“Buy a sexy dress! [laughs] Something that inspires us!”

Any posing tips – most flattering angles etc?
“No, you don’t need to worry about this – a good photographer can use their direction to allow things to flow and happen naturally.”


What’s one thing that secretly drives wedding photographers a little crazy?
“Arriving at the bride’s home in the morning and waiting for the makeup artist to finish. It’s not always their fault of course, but better planning is advised so we have time to get all the shots that we need (and the couple expects).”

You must have seen hundreds of weddings – what would you say is a common factor that make the best wedding photos stand out?
“It happens with couples who aren’t afraid to take risks on the day. I’ll often say, ‘This might sound crazy, but can you do this’… And then show them the photos and they’re like…’Wow, that’s so cool!’.”

What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve ever photographed?
“Probably my friends Oksana and Denis Jager (it helped they’re both professional models!). Plus the wedding was in Bali!”


All images: Daniel Griffiths Photography

Do you have any other wedding-day tips for brides?
“A few. Book a great make up artist. And always allow more time than they say! For great wedding dresses, check out Julie Vino – they are amazing! And for wedding cars, research good companies, and if you’re looking to save some dosh, get an Audi A6 from a car rental company, put some ribbon on it and bingo!”

How did you pick your wedding photographer, Knotties?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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