10 Best Wedding Photographers in Sydney 2016

Once again its time to unveil our Top Wedding Photographers in Sydney for 2016

by Wedding Club

There are many wonderful photographers in Sydney and as it was last year with our 2015 list of Top Wedding Photographers, its never an easy job whittling the list down to just 10.

So (in no particular order) here are our Top Wedding Photographers in Sydney for 2016. Browse the list and check out some of the best wedding snappers out there.

Daniel Griffiths Photography

Daniel Griffiths Photography

Searching for a photographer with a photojournalistic history?

For more than 16 years, Daniel Griffiths was an award winning photojournalist with Rupert Murdoch’s Australian News Limited. During this time, Daniel developed both his technical and artistic interpretation of photography. He was chosen by the company because of his skill and professionalism to cover the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The move into wedding photography was a natural choice for Daniel. It gave him the ability to utilise his highly developed skills from photojournalism and combine it with his experience in Wedding photography and transfer it to the emotion and beauty of weddings. His work has been described by his colleagues and the public as visual art.

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Ellena Photography

PinterestEllena Photography
Ellena Photography

You dreamed about this day. You have waited, planned, & put in your heart n soul We capture every smirk, every smile & every moment just for your. Natural, Elegant, & timeless.

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PinterestPerfect Moment Photography
Perfect Moment Photography

Perfect Moment Photography is an innovative professional’s team that has the aim to transform the wedding photography to an entirely new shape that captures your natural movements. We trust every couple has a unique style, and we spend time to get their vision and understand them better. And we have a great team that is compiled of graphic designers, digital media masters, video editors, cinematographers and professional photographers and videographers. We use the latest technology and equipment that enables us to create a master piece for every wedding. And in the last, we proudly say, “We do not capture only photos, we capture emotions in them”.

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MM Photos

At MM Photos we offer you beautiful, candid photography that captures the power and magic of every moment on your special day. We offer each client an individual service with our spontaneous and relaxed approach and will cater to your individual needs.

Work is play for the MM Photos team and our enthusiasm is infectious.

We have a true passion for photography that shines through every image, and we strive to make every shot candid and elegant without intrusion.

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Belstar Photography

PinterestBelstar Photography
Belstar Photography

We love shooting weddings and working with couples to document their story and special day through photography.

I am a full time AIPP accredited professional wedding photographer based on the central coast at Bateau Bay. I shoot wedding all over from Gunners Barracks in Sydney to surf clubs in Port Macquarie and locations like Peppers & Peterson’s in the Hunter .

We offer guidance, and advice, based on experience – however it is your special day and we are their specifically to capture the day – we prefer a photojournalistic style, which captures you and your guests in a relaxed, natural, and friendly atmosphere, and most of the time you may not even realise we are there.

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Lightheart Films & Photography

PinterestLightheart Films & Photography
Lightheart Films & Photography

Lightheart Films & Photography is a Sydney based wedding photography and films studio. We at Lightheart Films and Photography strives to delivers quality wedding videography and photography services for your wedding day at a competitive price. As your wedding day is a once of a lifetime experience you can trust us as our video and photography teams have extensive experience in shooting weddings. Each of our personal has been filming and photographing at least 100 weddings in Sydney.

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Live Photography

PinterestLive Photography
Live Photography

We are photographers. Our style is contemporary, edgy, creative, fashion inspired.
We offer portrait, maternity and family photography, however, our special passion lies in weddings.
We are currently based in Sydney, have spent years photographing in Europe and love shooting interstate and overseas.

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Parkside Productions

PinterestParkside Productions
Parkside Productions

At Clarisse Photography, we specialize in the creation of beautifully white, bright and colour-filled wedding photography, capturing the day as it naturally unfolds. We provide all day service, delivered how our couples want. When it comes to creating beautifully emotional portraits for our newlyweds, we have the experience and know-how to draw the emotion from a scene and the ability to make our couples feel like they are completely alone, even in the heart of the city.

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