Wedding Music: 8 Wedding Songs to Skip

Here are eight songs you might want to add to your "do-not-play list."

by Bethany Porter

We’re not saying we don’t like these songs (okay…we don’t like the “Chicken Dance”), but we think it’s time to reconsider whether these really are wedding music essentials.

1. “YMCA” — Village People

Why to Skip It: The fact that everyone knows the words, everyone knows the dance, and that this song fits lots of occasions — between innings at a baseball game, for instance — does not automatically qualify it as a must at your wedding.

2. “Chicken Dance”

Why to Skip It: At a wedding, everyone’s dressed to the nines and feeling festive. Is this really the best time to flap your arms like a chicken in front of that cute bridesmaid/groomsman/new spouse? Didn’t think so.

3. “Stayin’ Alive” — Bee Gees

Why to Skip It: There aren’t too many people who know more than one line and one dance move to this song — leave “Stayin’ Alive” to the Saturday Night Fever reruns.

4. “Every Breath You Take” — The Police

Why to Skip It: The Police are legendary, but the tune is a little high school dance-ish, and the line “Every move you make…I’ll be watching you” is a little stalker-ish.

5. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” — Bonnie Tyler

Why to Skip It: This song is worth skipping if only to avoid any guest from reenacting the profanity-laced rendition made famous from Will Ferrell’s wedding in Old School.

6. “Macarena” — Los Del Rio

Why to Skip It: You may know how to do the dance — but do you really want to? Besides, everyone has a few certain relatives they’d rather not see get down with that hip swivel move.

7. “My Heart Will Go On” — Celine Dion

Why to Skip It: We’re not passing judgment on Celine Dion, but Titanic propelled this song into the realm of romance cliche. Besides, remember that Leo died in the movie — a bit tragic for a wedding.

8. “Mony Mony” — Billy Idol

Why to Skip It: Not sure what Billy Idol is singing in this song? Most other people don’t know, either, and when that’s the case, a good 10 percent of sing-alongers will find a way to say something objectionable.

by Bethany Porter


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  1. The Macarena is a classic “get everyone up and dance” song. I know it will be at my wedding as it is at anyone who in my family gets married. Love it!

  2. What the hell is a wedding music essential anyway? People like different things. Play whatever the hell you want – it’s your wedding, not Bethany’s.

  3. Any song that adds to the mood, the ambiance, that you want created should be played. If you want a romantic, elegant evening from start to finish, your music choices will be different than those chosen for a fun energetic celebration of your union.
    While the Bethany does offer her article as a list of songs you MIGHT want to avoid, a better approach may be to discus with your entertainer the feel you want at stages through the night. Discuss with them the songs you enjoy, those you know your family and friends enjoy,AND those you dislike and plan the evenings musical journey with them.
    And remember, its your wedding, do it your way :)

  4. FYI The song ‘Every breath you take’ is about being a stalker so it’s not just a little stalkerish lol

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