Should You Have Pre-Wedding Dance Lessons?

We asked you guys whether you're planning a Step It Up moment.

by The Knot

So, you and your guy have chosen which song to use for your first dance as Mr and Mrs. But now for the actual dancing part – are you guys planning to have lessons from a pro to prep yourselves? Or are you more the “let’s-wing-it-on-the-day” types? We asked you for your views on this wedding day dilemma – and here’s what you shared…

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Sally was glad they decided to use flowers as props during their dance routine. 

“We’ll wing it….. not even sure if there will be dancing.” Courtney

“We having lessons. My boyfriend asked if we could as he didn’t want to look like a loser on the dance floor!” Deborah

“Definitely having lessons, neither of us can dance.” Lauren

“We’ll wing it for the most part but we’re getting swing lessons as a special surprise for the guests.” Ali

“I’m going to ask my bridesmaid to teach us how to dance to our first dance, which is a song by the Bee Gees. His decision not mine.” Marley

“My partner is a better dancer than me. He taught dance for a while, so I think I’ll have lessons with him.” Caryn

“Lessons for sure. It’s a bit of entertainment for the guests, so we may as well try and look semi-coordinated in front of them.” Sarah

“We went to one lesson – then ended up just doing the cuddle shuffle.” Aimee

“I’d love some dance lessons, but my partner would rather consult with YouTube instead!” Jessica

“We’ll wing it! Choreographed dances look more stupid than just happily enjoying your moment swaying with your partner.” Sophie

“We’re winging it! I want to feel comfortable dancing how I want to, so I’m not paying to learn a staged dance to perform. Spontaneity is so much more romantic and sexy.” Tiffany

“We had lessons and it was fantastic to be able to actually get up and dance properly instead of just shuffle. Our guests loved it!” Emma

“Choreographed dances are way too staged and un-natural. People would rather see you just enjoying the moment rather than busting out a routine!” Sheri

I’m a dance teacher, so there will be big expectations surrounding our first dance! We’re having something fun involving our bridal party – that way my man won’t be so nervous!” Jess

“We had lessons and it really helped. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it meant we could enjoy it and not feel silly. Everyone loved it and practicing was fun too. We always went out for lunch together after our lesson and made a bit of an event of it.” Katherine

Will you be having dance lessons or are you planning to wing it, Wedding Clubbers?

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