Wedding Song 101: How To Have The Best Playlist Ever

We picked a wedding singer's brain on which songs to play on your big day.

by Rebecca Hanley

Picking amazing wedding songs – and the tracks that your guests will be dancing to once dinner’s over – is key to making sure your wedding is one no one will forget. And seeing as there’s nothing like a bit of expert advice, we asked James Higgins from renowned wedding band Press Club Band to spill all of his secrets.


What’s one thing you’d recommend all couples consider when planning their wedding music?
“The music at your wedding is the soundtrack to the memories of the day. Great music will not only make your wedding fun, but will create the magic associations and memories in people’s minds when they think back on your special day. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the music is going to define the success your reception. Despite all the money spent on lovely food, a breathtaking setting and fine wine, if the music is doesn’t pass muster, the ice doesn’t break, the atmosphere doesn’t pop, the dance floor doesn’t rock, and your reception will sadly be easily forgotten. Long story short – spend the money on a band that has heaps of wedding experience and is committed to the cause!”

Which three songs that never fail to get wedding guests up on the dance floor?
“It’s different for different crowds of course, but Daft Punk’s Get Lucky is a fresh funk number that gets a dance floor pumping.”

“I think George Michael’s Faith is a fun classic to boogie or strut to.”

“And Katrina & The Waves’ Walking On Sunshine is a timeless feelgood anthem which sounds great with a horn section!”

And your top picks for the hits everyone will be requesting at weddings in 2015?
“Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud is so hot right now. A lot of his songs from his album X are actually.”

“As is Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk – very hot potato, that one.”

“Maroon 5’s Sugar could also prove to be a big request – although it’s still early days, so that’s a guess!”

What about the most romantic wedding songs of all time?
“My favourites to play are the timeless romantics that both young and old know, and can slow-dance to. So first up I’d have to say Van Morrison’s Have I Told You Lately.”

“Elton John’s Your Song.”

“The Temptations’ My Girl.”

“The Beatle’s Hey Jude is a little outside the romantic box, but it’s such a beautiful song and the ‘na-na-na-na’ chorus right at the end really gets the room singing.”

Any other hot tips for our brides?
“Consider having an acoustic soloist or duo play at your ceremony or during canapes. It’s often an affordable add-on and is a great way to have a musical theme throughout the whole day. An acoustic performance while you’re away having photos is a treat for your guests prior to the reception and it helps to maintain the romantic and sentimental atmosphere.”

What songs are you planning to include in your wedding playlist, Knotties?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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  1. Its such a personal choice but you also want people up and dancing as there is nothing worse than an empty floor! I personally don’t like some of the 80-90’s music but there are so many people who love to get up and dance to these fun classics. Please note more locomotion though…..

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