What’s your Wedding Stationery Personality ?

Tips for turning this year's hottest trends into an unforgettable design.

by Anna Karakiozis

Choosing the right wedding invitation can be an impossible choice. So where do you start? Anna Karakiozis founded Agapi Designs with a vision of creating one-of-a-kind wedding invitations and stationery. She believes that just as every couple is unique, so too are their ideas for the perfect invitation design.

“When I meet couples, I spend time getting to know them and the kind of wedding they’re planning, so I can create a suite of stationery that matches their passion and personality,” Anna said. “It’s a completely personalised experience, where we work together to create a unique design that’s just for them.”

Here are Anna’s tips for turning this year’s stationery trends into an unforgettable design that your guests will cherish for years to come.

1. The Fun Couple
Couples looking to make their guests feel special are now turning to wedding invitations and stationery to make a lasting impression. “What keeps me inspired is imagining the joy on someone’s face when they receive the envelope in the mail and open the invitation,” Anna said. “That’s when the excitement starts to build and they begin to imagine all the wonderful events in the months ahead.”

“One of my favourite ways to surprise and delight guests is creating personalised envelope liners,” Anna said. “It’s the first thing people see when they open the invitation and a fun way to add design elements such as leopard print, lace or even something personal like a favourite quote.”

2. The Daring Couple
For couples looking for something outside the square, Anna suggests bold geometric designs or complex lace patterns with blocks of colour. “It’s so much fun to build a suite of stationery from simple shapes like squares and triangles,” Anna said. “They tend to have an architectural beauty about them that are ideal for contemporary weddings.”

“Elements like lace can be used in a really modern way, such as incorporating the pattern into the design or laser-cutting the paper to create stunning lace envelopes or wrappings,” Anna said. “We can create something that’s really futuristic, or reminiscent of the art deco era, depending on your personality and the theme of your wedding.”


3. The Luxe Couple
If there’s one way to show guests that your wedding will be the event of the season, foil stamping is it. You can use it to highlight a quote, your names or even design elements on the invitation or stationery. It’s a timeless trend that Anna says can transform a simple design into something truly special.

“Foil print is really fashionable right now and adds a touch of opulence without going over the top,” Anna said. “Gold and rose gold in particular are really popular among brides, but you can also experiment with silver, copper or even a combination of colours. You can also carry the theme throughout the wedding, with touches of metallics in your wedding styling.”

4. The Traditional Couple
Calligraphy is back with a modern twist, perfect for couples looking for a touch of traditional elegance in their wedding stationery. These days, there are a huge range of handwritten fonts to choose from, so you can enjoy the beauty of calligraphy at an affordable cost. Anna says choosing the right font is one of her favourite parts of the job.

“I work closely with clients to work out what font will best suit their wedding, before presenting them with a range of options,” Anna said. “Once we choose a calligraphy font that’s right for them, we can use it across the entire wedding, from save the cards and invitations, to place cards and thank you cards. Many couples are also choosing to just have their names written in calligraphy, so it really stands out on the page. I love the creative process and try to make it fun for clients who are custom-designing their own invitations.”


5. The Nature-Loving Couple
Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017 is a zesty shade of green that’s officially known as #15-0343. It’s the perfect inspiration for couples who want to infuse their wedding with a fresh palette of greens, or earthy tones and textures. Anna suggests looking at the location and season of the wedding for inspiration.

“I get a lot of my inspiration from nature, particularly natural stone and tiles that I’ve photographed or collected on my travels,” Anna said. “If a couple is looking for something really elegant and natural, I’ll play around with illustrated leaves and foliage, or even rustic typography printed on cherry wood. It’s all about personalising each design, so your invitation and stationery is one-of-a-kind.”

6. The Sweet Couple
Watercolours are perfect for sweet, romantic couples who are planning to celebrate by the water, in the country or at an elegant garden party. “It’s a great way to use florals and pretty colours in a modern and elegant way,” Anna said. “You can really personalise it with your favourite flowers, or even something unique like citrus fruits.”

“Watercolours are also ideal for adding a splash of bright colour to your invitations, perfect for a spring wedding,” Anna said. “Whatever you choose, it’s important to make sure the design reflects your unique personality and the other elements of your wedding.”


7. The Sophisticated Couple
Monochrome is a growing wedding trend that’s set to continue in 2017, with many couples opting for stationery that combines beautiful design with a simple black and white palette. “Steering clear of bright and distracting colours gives you the freedom to create more sophisticated designs,” Anna said.

“Couples are really moving away from the old cream and ivory colour palette with crystal embellishments,” Anna said. “A lot of my clients are looking for something very simple and sophisticated, in a monochrome palette or dark shades like plum or navy. Simple doesn’t have to be boring.”

8. The Creative Couple
With such a huge range of paper stock and embellishments available, there’s no need to stick to one type for your wedding invitations and stationery. Anna suggests mixing it up by adding different textures and layers, for a design that’s both fresh and creative.

“I love working with couples who are open to new ideas and want to reflect their creative personalities in their wedding stationery,” Anna said. “It’s the little things that really surprise and delight guests, like adding layers of paper with different textures, or using fabric and twine to hold the stationery together.”

Agapi Designs is a paper boutique and design studio that creates luxurious, personalised wedding invitations and stationery. Visit Agapi Designs to browse the gallery and make an appointment.


by Anna Karakiozis


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