Party Essentials: 22 Extraordinary Hors D’oeuvres

Good looking canapés will in turn, make you look good!

by Wedding Club

Of course food should always taste good, and whenever possible, we all want what we eat to be healthy as well, but on your wedding day, it is important that what you serve up is also a feast for the eyes. Good looking canapés will in turn, make you look good. Scroll down to see 22 extraordinary hors d’oeuvres from Instagram that will help provide you with some ideas for the menu on your wedding day!

11256920_1077377695623022_857813955_n[1]Savoury chips, apricot jam and gruyere. Image above from @missmaggie510/Instagram

11355958_1131582793523785_854538725_n[1]Tri-color beet skewers with goat cheese, hazelnuts and olive oil. Image above from @lindslovesbird/Instagram

11356974_1433517080311187_1852771334_n[1]Compressed watermelon, feta cheese, mint, toasted almonds. Image above from @tristanevents/Instagram

horsd3Sweet potato and bacon cups with sage and ginger-infused whipped cream cheese. Image above from @bgals24/Instagram

11313708_454240214749924_159584523_n[1]Prawn cocktails. Image above from @margielowe/Instagram

11313226_1444401855886150_1828905135_n[1]Mexican dips. Image above from @flavorspanama/Instagram

10932533_513985162092563_1462510468_n[1]Gazpacho. Image above from @savvysoiree/Instagram

11356929_913847718686300_211354837_n[1]Sesame seed cracker with cured sturgeon panna cotta and caviar. Image above from @living29/Instagram

11330527_515267961958304_451284973_n[1]Lemon trisol fried kumamoto oyster with cognac foie mousse. Image above from @caliman8/Instagram

horsd4Shrimp-wrapped chorizo. Image above from @phudenyc/Instagram

11355176_732761280179243_154142893_n[1]Split pea soup shots with grilled cheese skewer. Image above from @henriscatering/Instagram

11420793_446691765513535_2142903558_n[1]Baba ganoush, pomegranate, sumac. Image above from @kickshawcookery/Instagram

10661077_1577810419132420_1489642942_n[1]Quinoa tempura shrimp with a basil mojito caramel sauce. Image above from @johnandstefancatering/Instagram

11428358_739668959471681_794406362_n[1]Sesame crusted tuna in mini wonton spoons. Image above from @delishny_catering/Instagram

horsd1Mozzarella cheese balls, basil, and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. Image above from @chasehunter1/Instagram

horsd2Pear slices with goat cheese, pistachios and dried cranberries. Image above from @healthlivinglifestyles/Instagram

11296790_851712294883773_318585573_n[1]Sausage, sun-roasted tomato, and pecorino stuffed mushrooms. Image above from @circulon/Instagram

11820632_943193715732481_404827121_n[1]BLT deviled eggs. Image above from @rocky_top_caters/Instagram

11253707_108138632867826_2089052922_n[1]Carpaccio, wasabi and croutons. Image above from @paradoxchef/Instagram

11357437_1609915502621569_227245764_n[1]Lump crab and roasted corn salad served on a blue corn chip with avocado cream. Image above from @fivesensesboro/Instagram

11374369_844818368941899_551399007_n[1]Elk sausage with grainy mustard and caramelized onions. Image above from @thepicurist/Instagram

10632478_1453494621643140_2018656290_n[1]Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Image above from @pillllin/Instagram

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