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Melbourne plays host to many Wedding services for many happy Brides and Grooms every year.  Among the list of dresses, cars, flowers and food is one major one that often gets…

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Melbourne plays host to many Wedding services for many happy Brides and Grooms every year.  Among the list of dresses, cars, flowers and food is one major one that often gets overlooked, sustainability. To hold a Wedding it can be a big user of many items and with a little thought into getting the ordering right in the first place, can save plenty of time and money.  It is very important to provide the right amount of food and drink without having surplus and making sure that your caterers are using sustainably sourced products and ensuring that as many items as possible are correctly recycled.

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Firstly, decide how hungry everyone will be. If you are starting early afternoon, chances are that your guests will have eaten lunch already. Or, if the reception and photos go for the whole afternoon, everyone may be ravenous come 6pm.  Even a few small canapes will relax hungry people and get the party started!  This can also reduce the need to provide too much food for dinner.

Shared Feasts are becoming increasingly popular by placing lovely dishes in the centre of the table. These manage to offer lots of selections catering for many tastes as well as spreading the portions across the whole table so everyone gets satisfied.

When ordering drinks, often the most inexpensive plan is to buy this yourself from a warehouse store. Then you can ask the caterer to provide a barman and the glassware. However, it is important that you order the correct amount.  This is calculated on averages. Think of your guests and how much they drink. There will always be some guests a little thirstier than others but try and find a balance between the big drinkers and the not so big drinkers. This figure is your average number of drinks per person.  Multiply it by the number of guests. Generally, we are all drinking a little less than ten years ago.  Even at a Wedding!  Then you want to break this number into what they are likely to drink. Is Sparkling wine going to be popular or is everyone drinking red due to the cooler nights?

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Also ask your caterer where they source your ingredients from and do they have an environmental policy?  What cleaning products are they using and how do they go about recycling all the waste from your event? Is the seafood your guests are being served sustainable?

Hudson's Famous Food + Functions

Australia is loaded with many high quality farmers and producers giving wedding providers plenty of choice in sourcing local ingredients as opposed to importing.  In Victoria most Chef’s would take great pride in serving Gippsland Beef, Australian Wild Bream and seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers that would bring generations of experience to their produce.

Afterall, you want to be able to remember back on your special day and know that it was perfect for you, your new partner for life, and all of your guests.




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