10 Ways to Save Money on Your Bomboniere

Don’t spend all your savings on your wedding bomboniere. Here are some great tips for keeping costs down.

by Mia Carter

Bomboniere, bonbonniere, guest favours, wedding favours; there are many names for those parting gifts you give your wedding guests. Bomboniere are tokens to thank guests for taking part in your special day, but these small gifts can often add up to a huge bill.

Here are our top ten ways to spoil your guests whilst saving money at the same time – and no one will ever suspect a thing!

1. Package the bomboniere yourself.

Many bomboniere suppliers will give you the option of packing the gift yourself to save a few dollars on each item, which adds up to a sizeable saving overall. One idea is to splurge on good quality chocolates for your guests, but pack them yourself into budget-friendly boxes from places like The Knot Shop.

2. Have a ‘Bomboniere Buffet’.

The bomboniere buffet is a hot trend that allows you to display lavish gifts for your guests, whilst also fitting your budget. By combining sumptuous favours with more cost-friendly items you can impress your guests without going overboard.

3. Combine your bomboniere and place cards.

Save money by investing in a gift that doubles as a place card on the reception tables. Photo frames, candles, miniature wine bottles and even apples can all be labelled with your guests’ names and taken home as a memorable gift. You’ll also avoid doubling up on printing costs.

4. Do as much as you can yourself.

In general, you pay more whenever human work hours are involved. To save money, ask your bomboniere supplier if you can contribute by tying ribbons, handwriting names, packing presents and wrapping gifts.

5. Provide one bomboniere per couple.

You can potentially halve your costs by providing just one bomboniere per couple – simply label it with both of the couple’s names. Items like gourmet oil and vinegar sets, liqueurs and small pot plants are perfect. Of course, your single guests will still receive one gift each.

6. Have your bomboniere play the part of your table centrepiece.

Rather than spending up big on floral centrepieces, display your bomboniere in the centre of the table and allow your guests to take them home at the end of the night. A collection of small vases with individual flowers, vibrant lollipops, or jars filled with colourful chocolates will add zest to the table.

7. Personalise your bomboniere by making them yourself.

Have you got a creative side that you’d love to show off to your family and friends? This is the perfect opportunity to create personalised wedding bomboniere such as homemade cookies or fudge, a mixed CD with your wedding music, or hand-painted postcards like Monica & Timothy did. Your guests will love the personal touch, and you can save cash by doing it all yourself.

8. Use your wedding cake as your bomboniere.

Your wedding cake is a big-ticket item, so you can save money by having it double as a guest favour. Have a small but beautiful cake on display for the cake cutting, and have another wedding cake pre-packaged into gorgeous boxes for your guests to take home. Better yet, opt for cupcakes instead of a cake.

9. Donate to a charity on behalf of your guests.

Instead of giving your guests things you’re not sure they’ll use, take this opportunity to donate to your favourite charity. You can tailor the donation to your budget, and present each guest with a beautiful card with the details, and maybe even a little note about your personal connection to the charity. A donation allows you to do a good deed whilst sticking to your budget! See more ideas on how to donate to charity on your wedding day.

10. Make it edible!

Edible favours are super popular, and why wouldn’t they be?! The perfect dessert to your scrumptious reception dinner, a tasty treat at the end of the night is affordable and guaranteed to please. See our favourite edible bomboniere ideas from real brides.

Did you come up with a way to save money on your bomboniere?


by Mia Carter


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