Trend We Love: Gold Glitter Mason Jar Vases (And How To DIY)

Because glitter is a girl's best friend.

by Rebecca Hanley

Diamonds, don’t get us wrong, we love you (especially when you come from Tiffany & Co.) but we think we may have found a sparkly new best friend: gold glitter. Yep, it seems gold AND glitter are everywhere right now, and what better way to get on board these trends than to combine them. Gold glitter mason jar vases are having a big moment at weddings right now – and with their festive vibe, we think they’re an oh-so perfect addition to your wedding celebration. Keep scrolling for some gorgeous gold glitter mason jars, and our tips on how to DIY!

GlitterMasonJars1Lilyshop Image: Lilyshop.com GlitterMasonJars2Lilyshop Image: Lilyshop.com jeteprometswp Image: @jeteprometswp via Instagram CKD3 Image: @charminglykristinadesigns via Instagram ckd4 Image: @charminglykristinadesigns via Instagram GlitterMasonJar3RomanticSouthern Image: RomanticSouthern @ Etsy.com

How To DIY A Gold Glitter Mason Jar Vase
STEP 1: Use spray paint to paint your mason jar in whichever colour you choose (or, leave it clear if your prefer).
STEP 2: Leave jar to dry overnight.
STEP 3: Carefully stick some paper or tape (not too sticky!) horizontally around the jar, a third of the way up.
STEP 4: Use a paintbrush to paint glue around the bottom third of the jar, beneath the tape.
STEP 5: Sprinkle glitter over the glued section of the jar.
STEP 6: Leave to dry.

What do you think of these gold mason jar vases, Knotties?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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  1. Love. Love. Love these! What a great way to enhance the wedding reception guest & bridal tables. Super stylish and pretty..Keep up the great DIY tips :)

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