10 Amazing Fake Flower Centrepieces Thanks To Koch & Co

Check out these Pinterest-worthy creations for your wedding reception.

by Rebecca Hanley

Everyone loves a pretty flower – and right now we’ve fallen hard for their less au naturel (but equally aesthetically pleasing) counterpart – the fake flower. These beauties are so pleasingly low-maintenance they’ll refuse to wilt even if it’s 40°C and your foundation has melted onto your dress. And you can forget all that watering and stem-cutting business. Yep, faking it is the easiest way to get flowers doingwhat they do best – sitting pretty. We’re loving wedding supply specialists Koch & Co, who stock an amazing range of fake blooms that look seriously gorgeous when styled as centrepieces. Keep scrolling to check out 10 fake flower table centrepieces that will look like they’ve jumped straight off Pinterest and into your wedding.

1) Purple hydrangeas


Hydrangea Bouquet, $10.73; Ribbon Tear Aspidistra Leaf, $6.28; Tin Watering Can, $6.68

2) Cute flower boxes


Wooden Crate, $8.71, Hanging Gift Tags, $3.71 (20-pack); Natural Jute String, $5.97 (approx 70m)

3) Mason jar vases


Glass Mason Jar Medium, $$3.04; Hanging Gift Tags, $3.71 (20-pack); Natural Jute String, $5.97 (approx 70m); Tulip Bouquet, $12.08

4) Floral birdcage


Birdcage Floral With 3 Pots, $26.93; Double Face Satin Ribbon, $9.38 (20m); Lavender Bunch, $3.98; Polystyrene Balls, $3.98 (4-pack); Spanish Moss, $11.54

5) Romantic roses

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 2.42.11 pm
Audrey Cabbage Rose Bud Spray, $8.03; Christina Peony Rose Spray, $7.09; Glass Cylinder Vase With Decal, $12.08; Leaf Dusty Miller Spray, $11.27; Rose Armour Open Bunch, $4.14

6) Wedding tea party


Ceramic Cup Pot With Saucer, $10.73; Freesia Spray, $3.58; Lisianthus Spray, $5.33; Rose Laura Open Bud, $2.63; Ribbon, $3.78 (70m)

7) Fleurs, s’il vous plait?


Rose Open Bouquet, $12.08; Tin Jug, $8.03; Tin Watering Can, $6.68

8) Vintage vase


Ceramic Jug Vase, $6.28; Freesia Spray, $3.58 each; Lisianthus Spray, $5.33 each

9) Hanging floral terrarium


Glass Tealight Holder Hanging Ball, $5.33; Orchid Phalenopsis, $3.17; Spanish Moss, $11.54

10) Posy of tulips

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 2.45.26 pm

Acrylic Rock Crystals, $6.68 (340g); Flax Jute Ribbon, $5.74 (10m); Glass Country vase $3.17; Orchid Cymbidium Bouquet, $6.28; Ribbon Jute $4.73 (10m); Tulip Bouquet, $12.08

Prices correct as of January 2015. All product available at Koch & Co. Koch & Co is a sponsored supplier on The Knot.

Which of these floral centrepieces is your fave, Knotties?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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