Whitney Port On Wedding Cakes (And 7 Non-Traditional Cake Ideas We Love)

Desserts so delicious-looking you'll want to lick your screen. (Except don't).

by Rebecca Hanley

Can’t decide what type of cake you want for your wedding? Neither can Whitney Port. And since the Whitney Eve Port designer (and BFF to Lauren Conrad, who recently had THE most stylish wedding ever) is a walking billboard for chic, we decided to take a leaf from her book – and consider both traditional and non-traditional dessert options. Whitney, 29, is due to wed BF Tim Rosenman later this year – and here’s what she had to say about the cake she’ll serve to all those famous guests.

“I go back and forth about whether or not I want to have a wedding cake,” says Whitney. “I find that most of the time I’m leaning toward going the less traditional route. There are so many cool, alternative options out there that are just so fun and unique. But then I stumble across a photo of a beautiful, classic wedding cake and suddenly I’m back on the traditional bandwagon in favor of that elegant wedding staple. Right now, in this very moment, I’m leaning toward the less traditional, but that could change in five minutes.”

Check out seven less traditional wedding cake options we love:

1) Super bright flowers


Cake: Ana Parzych Cakes; Photo: Mel & Co.

2) Greenery WeddingCake4 Image: iFloyd Photography 3) Single tier Weddingcake2 Image: Tim Sparrow Studio 4) Rough icing WeddingCake3 Image: Tonie Christine Photography 5) Gold paint WeddingCake5 Image: Lana Ivanova Photography 6) Naked cake WeddingCake7

7) Cheese cake


Are you going for a traditional or non-traditional wedding cake, Knotties?

WANT MORE? Check out loads of gorgeous wedding cake pics on our Pinterest board.

by Rebecca Hanley


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