Just a Splash: Wedding Cakes with Colour

Your cake is a great place to showcase your favourite colour. Here’s how to do it.

by Chelsea Tromans


Cakes: Couture Cakes; Table: The Styling Company, thestylingcompany.com.au;
Concept: Anja Winikka; Photography: Maree Homer

a little…
Instead of overloading with colour, finish with a unique design on each layer.
a lot…
White lace adds a romantic touch to an all-pink cake.


Cakes: Sharon Wee Creations

a little…
White chocolate flakes add texture to a simple two tier cake.
a lot…
Break up bold tiers with a  wreath of sugar roses.


 Cakes: Cupcakes for Poppy

a little…
Bring a touch of colour with these fun frills down the side
a lot…
Vertical stripes give your cake a contemporary vibe.


Cakes: Sweet Art

a little…
For a playful punch, dress up the middle tier with polkadots.
a lot…
Adorn an allover green cake with a modern floral design.




by Chelsea Tromans


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