How To Have The Best Wedding Cake Ever!

How to create a wedding cake that will knock your guests' little cotton socks off.

by Rebecca Hanley

An amazing wedding cake is like a work of art. But behind all of that frosting and flour is some pretty impressive creativity and workmanship from talented bakers. We asked Christine Pereira, founder of Design Cakes, how she creates those kind of confections that are really awe-inspiring (like a six-foot cake in the shape of the Eiffel Tower!). Christine spilled her tips for getting a wow-worthy wedding cake – keep scrolling to check out her expert know-how!


Ask lots of questions. “Before you even hire a cake maker, you should ask yourself questions to figure out if they’re the right fit for your wedding. Some questions Pereira suggests considering are: While in a cake consultation, who are you really talking to – the cake artist or a salesperson? Who will be baking the cake and who will be designing it? Are you choosing from a book or is your dream cake been designed right on front of you? “Don’t compromise and go with a cake replica when you can have a cake designed to better your style,” says Christina.

Take charge of the cake design process. “I find that the biggest mistake a couple can make, is have too many people involved in the wedding decision! It’s nice when Mum, cousin, aunt, bridesmaids and future mother-in-law helps the bride with wedding arrangements, but too many different inputs of designs and styles can only confuse and delay your decision-making. Choose a theme that you like and keep three to four people at the most to help you with ideas,” she says.

Get experimental with flavours. “Think of flavours that you love, and ask your baker if they can accommodate. I’ve done things like white cake with lavender swiss meringue butter cream, or a german chocolate cake with creamed toasted coconut and toasted pecan,” says Pereira. Yum!

Think beyond just the cake. A dessert table is an awesome way to make maximum impact. “Designer dessert tables should be styled to match the event decor and can consist of a variety of specialty sweet delights to suit your tastes. Carefully choose flowers, stands, lighting, planters and linens to style this display, and make it a showpiece,” says Christina.

Do you have any tips for designing a great wedding cake, Knotties?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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