8 Cakes That Say It All

Creative ideas to use words on your wedding cake!

Sugar flowers and icing aren’t the only way to make your wedding cake creative and personal, literary quotes, vows, lyrics or a simple message add a romantic twist on the traditional cake. We love this trend of edible expressions of love, especially when the words are particularly meaningful for the couple. From bold and modern block letters to elegant script, check out our favourite wedding cakes that really say it all.

A Silver Graffiti Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes With Words

Photo: Devon Jarvis

A Wedding Cake With First Dance Song Lyrics (“A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri)


Photo: Pure 7 Studios

A Short and Sweet Script Wedding Cake

Photo: Sarah Mckenzie Photography

A Sporting Team Wedding Cake

Cakes With Words

Photo: A Girl in Love

A Custom Poem Wedding Cake


Photo: Alexa Loy

A Literary Quote Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes With Words

Photo: Megan Burges Photography

A L-O-V-E Cake

Cakes With Words

Photo: Heather Kincaid Photography

A Romantic Metaphor Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes With Words

Photo: Laura Murray Photography

 Have you got a favourite quote you could use on your wedding cake? 

by Simone Hill



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