12 Reasons Clothespegs Are Killing It At DIY Weddings

The humble clothes peg is making a big impact in wedding decor!

by Bridget Clegg

Even if you aren’t going for total DIY style, there could be a place for the clothes peg in your wedding plans. Decorated with glitter and spray paint or left as plain wood, clothespins are the problem-solving connectors answering age-old questions like: How do I display my escort cards? How do I get my menus to stand up? How do I make an inexpensive backdrop for my cake table?

With clothespegs available in various sizes and with the option to throw back to the traditional clothes peg, you’ve got an array of choices on how to incorporate this inexpensive DIY supply. Here are 12 of the best reasons clothes pegs can work for your wedding.

You can sprinkle them with glitter and clip your escort cards to framed wire:

diyweddingclothespins_theknot11Photo: Rachael Hall Photography

You can buy adorably mini clothes pegs and hang escort card tags on ribbon:

diyweddingclothespins_theknot05Photo: Judith Rae Photography

You can spray paint them yellow to match graphic escort cards:

diyweddingclothespins_theknot04Photo: Jessica Maida Photography

You can turn them upside down to make escort card stands:

diyweddingclothespins_theknot01Photo: Alecia Lauren Photography

You can DIY your boutonniere by clipping together a flower arrangement with a clothes peg:

flower-cropPhoto: Anna Lee Co

You can hang seating charts from clothes pegs clipped to twine:

diyweddingclothespins_theknot08Photo: Nikki Closser

You can Mod Podge fabric to the front of a clothes peg and create a place setting with the menu:

diyweddingclothespins_theknot06Photo: Kate Bentley Photography

You can clip personalised thank-you notes and Polaroids to shrubs and trees near the reception entrance:

diyweddingclothespins_theknot13Photo: White-Klump Photography

You can make a beautiful ombre backdrop by painting and hanging clothes pegs like a garland behind the cake table:

diyweddingclothespins_theknot14 (1)

You can decorate old-fashioned clothes pegs to look like you and your partner for a personalised DIY cake topper: 

diyweddingclothespins_theknot07Photo: Lydia Jane Photography

You can hang family photos at the reception (without damaging them!):

diyweddingclothespins_theknot02Photo: AMB Photo

You can package wedding favours in a kraft paper bag and clothes pegs:

diyweddingclothespins_theknot10Photo: Photo Love Photography

You can give guests doilies and clothes pegs to close lolly bar bags:

diyweddingclothespins_theknot12Photo: Reese Moore Photography

Are you using clothes pegs on your wedding day?


by Bridget Clegg


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