8 Tips For A Stress Free Wedding

Here are some simple tips to help make your wedding preparations stress free.

by Wedding Club

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1. Set Time Aside

Planning your wedding should be enjoyable, rather than stressful. Instead of talking about wedding plans at every spare moment, set relaxing time aside to share your ideas for your dream wedding.

2. Keep the Details to Yourselves

You will not have a stress free wedding if you try to communicate plans that change continuously. It is tempting to discuss details with family and friends but discussing it with well meaning family members may start steam rolling projects and cause more hassle

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3. Less is More

Weddings are expensive, so it is important to work out what is important and what is not. The most important thing people remember are the bride and the party

4. Delegate Jobs

This means that you will not only have to do everything yourself, but also means family members and friends feel involved. Give jobs our at the start, and you will have less interfering later on

5. Stick to Your Budget

Things can get out of control very quickly with your spend. Follow your budget strictly making sure you have that little bit extra for last minute things. Finances in control means a stress free wedding

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6. Make Decisions as A Couple

Quite often we hear that the bride makes all the decisions and discusses things with friends leaving their fiancé out of the decision process, he really does want to be involved! Make a rule from the very beginning that every aspect of the wedding needs to be decided together.

7. Be Happy

Couples often get so tied up the preparation of their wedding that they forget to simply be happy. Many family members forget that the wedding is about you and your fiancé and not about them.

8. Enjoy

Most importantly, remember to enjoy your day. Looking back, people remember their weddings with a blur. Couples get so wrapped up in their schedule of events, the timing, the dance and the cake that they forget that this is their time to celebrate being with the one you love and around those that love you.

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by Wedding Club


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