Designing Your Engagement Ring With Delcigno

Expert advice from Delcigno on what to consider when choosing your ring.

by Rebecca Hanley

There’s nothing like getting your dream ring on it to make you truly feel like a bride-to-be. But if you’re planning to design your own ring (or give your fiancé a hand in the process), you can suddenly be faced with a plethora of choices. Gold or silver? Round or princess cut? There are so many things to consider, so we got some expert advice from Christine Batten from Delcigno. Christine reveals everything from which questions to ask your jeweller, what to discuss with your groom-to-be and what’s trending in wedding jewellery right now.

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Are you seeing more and more brides having a say in their ring, rather than leaving the design up to their fiancé?
“Many brides are having more than just a “say” in their engagement ring by taking the lead in the design process, choosing exactly what they want and then, later, sharing their ring design with their fiancé. We are often contacted first by the bride, who describes to us the ring she has in mind, often sharing sample photos to illustrate each desired detail, and only after she has made all the decisions about her ring, we are then introduced to her future groom.”

How important is it for each couple to have a unique ring that symbolises their own individual love story?
“Diamonds have long been associated with wedding engagements because they are symbolic of being one-of-a-kind. Being able to fully customise your engagement ring is the next step in representing the concept. We love the trend that more couples are adding personalised touches to their wedding day, even displaying their own handiwork with do-it-yourself details. The memory and photos of the wedding day are always with a couple, but the engagement ring truly serves as an everyday reminder of these special moments and it lasts forever.”

What are the most common questions brides ask when they are shopping for a ring?
“Every bride wants to be assured that the details of her ring are being carefully considered to her complete satisfaction. Our representatives receive many messages that begin by asking: ‘Can you make this exact ring, with all of my requested modifications?’ They really address us as their own private designer, and we are. In general, both brides and their fiancés are seeking advice about what options are available within their budget to find the best combination of style and quality they can afford.”

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Images: Delcigno

What are some things most brides overlook when designing their own engagement ring?
“Brides are spending a lot of time online, especially on social media, researching and getting inspired by ring designs. They come to us with very specific ideas about every detail of the ring, except for one thing – the quality of their diamond. They know the shape of the diamond they want, but often need assistance when it comes to making decisions about the 4C’s: carat, colour, clarity and cut. We take the time to educate each customer about each individual GIA-certified diamond they might consider purchasing. It’s such an important component of every engagement ring, and we want to make sure they are truly selecting a diamond that they’ll love for a lifetime!”

What are the biggest ring trends at the moment?
“When it comes to settings, our brides love halo engagement rings; we receive many requests for this style through our custom design department, in addition to the huge response to the halo settings available on our website. Vintage-inspired designs also continue to be very popular, along with the related rose gold trend. In diamond trends, more and more women are expressing their unique sense of style by choosing a solitaire ring mounted with an uncut, rough diamond. The contrast of a bright, shining metal band mounted with sparkling, polished accent stones against the raw and authentic look of a rough diamond is a bold, modern statement that complements current fashion.”

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by Rebecca Hanley


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