The Best Marriage Proposals of 2009

Talk about setting the bar high! With the countdown to Valentine's Day in full swing, here are some…

You Ought to Be in Pictures

The one thing my boyfriend, Josh, and I don’t have in common is movies — I love them, but he could care less. But for our third anniversary, Josh offered to take me to see one. When we walked into the theatre, it was already dark, so we grabbed a seat near the front. Suddenly, a picture of us came up on the screen — Josh had made a movie about us! He and some of our friends acted out scenes from our relationship, and as the movie ended, I turned and Josh was kneeling on the floor. He opened a box with a ring pop inside just as the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” flashed on the screen. Then the lights turned on and everyone yelled, “Surprise!” Both of our families and our closest friends were in the theatre watching the whole time!

A Fish Tale

My boyfriend and I flew to Seattle and visited Pike Place Market, famous for its fishmongers who throw fish. One of the fishmongers asked me if I wanted to catch a fish. I was nervous that I’d drop it, but I caught the fish and held it above my head to the applause of onlookers — and then someone shouted that there was something in the fish’s mouth. I discovered a plastic bag, tore it open, and found a small box inside. I turned around to find my boyfriend down on one knee!

Love Note, Redux

My fiance and I started dating our senior year of high school. He was shy, so he wrote me a note and left it on my desk — it was super-dorky and asked if I wanted to “go out with him, be together, or whatever.” Then he wrote, “Sorry about the note. I really like you. Jim.” Now we’re both teachers, and when I got back to my apartment one day after school, there was an envelope taped to my door. As I began to read the note, I realized I’d read it somewhere before. He had rewritten that original note, but changed it to “Will you marry me, be together forever, or whatever. Sorry about the note. I really love you. Jim.” He was waiting in my room to propose.

An Offer She Couldn’t Refuse

My boyfriend, Mike, and I were at my cousin’s apartment, hanging out with her and her husband and their baby, Ryan. Mike is Ryan’s godfather. We were all in the living room playing with the baby, and my cousin asked us to change him into his pajamas. So I unsnapped his onesie and went to pull it off over his head, and I realized he had on another one underneath. That onesie had writing on it: “AUNT GG, WILL YOU MARRY MY GODFATHER?” I read it, and then I looked next to me, and there was Mike down on one knee with the ring! And, of course, I said yes!

An Unforgettable View

My boyfriend, Rob, is a pilot, and we often take trips in a Cessna airplane. One night, Rob told me he had rented a plane for the next morning for what I thought would just be a typical flight. After we were in the air for about five minutes, he switched radio frequencies. This wasn’t a normal procedure, so I was thinking, Oh gosh, what’s wrong? Then Rob asked me, “What’s that down there?” I looked down to the ground below us, and written on a football field were the words “Will You Marry Me, Delilah?” Of course I said yes, and the news of our engagement was broadcast for all to hear on radio frequency 123.45.

Love in Any Language

One day, at the hospital where I work, a fellow nurse walked into the OR and handed me a card. One side of the card said, “Chinese,” and the back had something written in Chinese. A moment later, another nurse came in and handed me another card. On one side it said, “German,” and the other side said something in German. This continued for 45 minutes, with cards coming in all different languages. I didn’t know what to think until one of my patients complained of stomach pain, and I lifted up her blanket to find a card that said, “French,” which is a language I read well — I realized that all of the cards said, “Will you marry me?” I opened the door to the recovery room and found my fiance holding the final card. One side said, “English,” and when I flipped it over, it said, “Will you marry me?”

Well-Played Proposal

For my birthday, Dell surprised me with a weekend at this beautiful, secluded house. That night after dinner, we decided to play Monopoly. On one of my first rolls, I landed on “Chance.” When I pulled the card, it said my name and I was so confused. Dell had designed the card and had written a letter to me! At the end of the card, it said, “If you’ll look my way, there is one thing I want to ask…” And when I turned to look at Dell, he was on his knee and holding the ring.

Rules of Engagement

My boyfriend, Nate, had been deployed in Afghanistan for a year, so for my birthday, Nate’s friends threw me a party so I wouldn’t be alone. The last present I opened was a card that told me to check my closet upstairs. In the closet, I found a DVD with a note that said, “Watch immediately.” It was a video of Nate in Afghanistan, holding a sign that said to go to the first place we met. We all drove over to the school where Nate and I had been kindergarten classmates, and then I saw a soldier on the playground. Before I could process what was happening, I realized it was Nate, who had somehow managed to come home. I started bawling on his shoulder, and then he got on his knee and pulled out a ring that was custom-made for me in Afghanistan.

A Walk to Remember

Daniel and I met when we both decided to hike the Appalachian Trail. We met only a few days into our separate hikes and developed a wonderful friendship as we walked across the country together. Six-and-a-half months later, we reached the summit of Mount Katahdin at the end of the trail, and one year after that, Daniel took me back to the trail for a picnic. After we ate, Daniel helped me to my feet and then dropped to one knee. He said if we could walk 2,000 miles together through rain, snow, stress fractures, lightning, bugs, and creepy townies, then there is no doubt that we could take on anything else that life has to offer, and he couldn’t imagine any adventure he would want to embark on without me by his side.

by Justine Lorelle Blanchard



  1. My partner and i met a model train club and during the first months of dating he could not be romantic even if he tried. we never went out, he was never saying anything sweet , i never got flowers which was why i was so shocked when he took me away and got down on one knee in the royal botanical gardens to ask me to marry him. i knew he was going to ask me so it wasnt that that shocked me but it was the romance that he was capable of…..and i have never seen it since that day

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