The Best Wedding Proposals of 2010

If you are looking for inspiration, or just enjoy romantic love stories, here are some of our favourite…

Childish Charm
Brenton’s proposal was unique, but very effective. One day Stevi and Brenton’s two year old daughter Elijah-Jade walked up to Stevi with a drawing in her hand. On the piece of paper was a note: “Mummy will you marry my Daddy please”. Who could say no to that?!

The Writing Is On The Sand
My fiancé and I had been together for 2 years, and while we have a very happy/healthy relationship knowing that one day it would lead to marriage, though we’d never actually discussed it. Then for my 30th birthday, he organised to take me to Hayman Island for a holiday.  He casually dropped that he had organised a helicopter for the following morning, I must admit my heart skipped a beat (hoping it could be the day he asked the question) – but not letting myself get too excited in case I was jumping to conclusions. 

He was acting quite unusual the following morning, even buying me a cocktail at 10.30am as I lay and read by the pool. Once we were in the helicopter we flew up over Whitehaven Beach, the trip was amazing and so picturesque. Then the helicopter started hovering with the pilot turning around to look at me. Not knowing what was going on I looked out the window to a huge banner on the sand that read ‘Will you marry me’….  I have never felt so many emotions before; I turned to my fiancé only to find that he was on a bended knee, with the most gorgeous Tiffany & Co engagement ring in hand.  The helicopter then landed, where he had organised a picnic for two with a bottle of champagne so we could take it all in.  Yes, all my dreams had come true!

Never Say Never
My proposal was a little, (well a lot really) unexpected. My partner and I have been together for over 3 years (he was 8 days off turning 45 and I had just turned 43, 3 days before we met), and he made it clear from the start of our relationship that he did not want to get married again. I was fine with this for a couple of years as I had been burnt a few times (and we had both been married before for a brief time). But in the last couple of years friends off ours were getting engaged, with this year alone 4 of them getting married. So I guess I was starting to think I was going to be only one who wouldn’t take the plunge again. I had let Craig (my partner) know I did one day want to get married again, but he was still adamant that he didn’t. So life went on as normal, we have a great relationship (marriage or not), so I never harped on about it.

We went to Bali in September with my parents and some friends for a 5 day quickie holiday. The first thing we did after unpacking was hit the swim up pool bar at the hotel. The boys drinking Bintang and us girls the cocktails. Being such a warm day and the cocktails being so cheap I decided to try most of them. Of course they did not have the alcohol quantity that you get in cocktails in Perth pubs/clubs, but after 8 or 9 I was starting to get a bit merry. We were all drinking and swimming having a great time, and I was feeling a bit clucky (about getting married) so then I started giving Craig a hard time (jokingly) about not wanting to marry me, he just playfully ignored my bantering and changed the subject.

We went to the hotel restaurant for dinner on our first night. After dinner we decided to go for a walk along the beach, where Craig pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear “will you marry me?”….my first reaction was silence, the second was, and I said it out loud, “are you serious?”…his answer was “well I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t”…after a few more seconds of shock and disbelief I pulled him away from me to look at his face, I saw so much love and sincerity, that of course I said YES! After the initial “oh my god he just asked me to marry him” I had the horrible thought he might have only asked me because I had been giving him a hard time about not wanting to get married. But he calmly assured me that he has known since February that he knew he wanted to make me his wife. He even asked my son the month before we went to Bali, for his blessing. We had such a fantastic time in Bali (you couldn’t wipe the smile/grin off my face for the rest of the holiday), that we are going to go back for our honeymoon.

Ride of Her Life
My fiancé really did have a very romantic proposal – a helicopter ride over Hong Kong, starting with a bottle of Moet on the 30th floor of the Peninsula Hotel (a gorgeous old hotel on the harbour in Hong Kong)and a 5 course dinner at their restaurant Felix. He even picked a very pretty ring and caught me totally by surprise, and of course would have got the same answer if he asked on the couch at home! We are now planning our wedding for next year, a fun night with all our family and friends cocktail style.

Work of Art
Every year my partner Jum and I go away between Christmas and New Years. Unfortunately for Jum the last time we went, he decided to propose and the whole trip was almost a complete disaster!

A 3 hour drive to Port Macquarie took nearly 6 hours due to the rain and road-works so by the time we arrived at our hotel, we were tired, hungry and soaking wet from running the bags into the lobby. Proposing that night was out of the question.

His planned proposal was going to incorporate putting rose petals on the bed, but while walking around the next day, he realised that all the florists were closed. His next idea was to put the ring in a champagne glass, but being the clumsy person I am, he couldn’t do that in case I swallowed it (which is not that far fetched for me!). His next idea was to propose on the beach, a picnic, the sunset, all the trimmings, but it hadn’t stopped raining from the moment we got there so that was out of the question.

By this time he had run out of idea’s, until the 2nd last day of our trip while walking along the beach we saw hundreds of giant rocks along the way that people have painted. There were paintings of things such as schoolies 2007, Jack & Jane’s 5th wedding anniversary etc. From this he got the idea to paint the “proposal” on a rock – so he sent me off for a walk, and by the time I came back – there painted along a giant rock along the beach for everyone to see were the words “Kat Will you Marry Me” and of course I said yes.

Sweet Dreams
Matt and I welcomed our baby Hamish into the world last December, the most beautiful miracle the world has seen!
After 10 months of not sleeping through the night and back to 4 days full time work I was finally ready to have Hamish stay away for the night.

Matt organised with his Mum and Dad to take Hamish and baby sit him for the night and suprised me with a night away (not to far away from our baby though). He mentioned he was taking me shopping to spoil me with some new clothes but instead of taking me to clothes shops surprised me by taking me to Michael Hill Jewellers where he told me to pick any engagement ring I wanted! I was so happy, we decided on a beautiful princess cut ring with diamonds up the shoulders from their art deco range. Matt and I loved it so much we had to have that ring.

After we had picked the ring we called family and visited Hamish with a picture of my new ring, he smiled so we think he approved. After visiting Hamish we went to the beautiful hotel Matt had organised. It was so luxurious and we had my favourite champagne and chocolates, ordered room service and flicked through my first bridal magazine. I really did enjoy my first night away from Hamish, not to mention the sleep in I got!

Flash of Romance
My partner and I met a model train club and during the first months of dating he could not be romantic even if he tried. We never went out, he was never saying anything sweet , I never got flowers which was why I was so shocked when he took me away and got down on one knee in the Royal Botanical Gardens to ask me to marry him. I knew he was going to ask me so it wasn’t the proposal that shocked me, more the romance that he was capable of!

Highest Peak
My fiancé, Michael is very much into the outdoors and loves nothing more than hiking and camping. I on the other hand like the 5 star treatments! So it was with great insistence (on Michael’s behalf) that I reluctantly agreed to attempt another hike with our close friends Robin and Eva. As the weekend approached the weather forecast was looking very ugly; some may remember Labour Day weekend 2010 as one of the worst hail storms in Melbourne’s recent history. I should have put two and two together when my fiancée used every excuse in the book to make sure this weekend happened. 
We finally made it to the camp site after hours of hiking for me to be told we still had another 45mintue climb to the summit. The last 45mintues of this hike was the worst part! We were running short of water at this point so out of no where Michael decides to detour to a natural spring and tells us he’ll meet us at the top by scaling the wrong side of the summit. I arrived at the top with the others assuming Michael would already be there with water supplies however I was deeply disappointed when he was no where to be seen, all I wanted was water!

A good 10 minutes later Michael appeared over the horizon and like clock work Robin and Eva disappear to ‘take photos’ of the view with me none the wiser. Michael starts to rummage through his bag explaining he’s getting me some water, although it should have been obvious that it doesn’t take 30secs to find a large bottle of water, I was too dehydrated to unravel all the clues.  Then on the top of Victoria’s 2nd highest mountain, Mt Feathertop, he pulled out a ring! Michael even managed to sneak up a bottle of champagne and four flutes to toast the occasion. On the walk back the horrible weather finally caught up with us and we spent several hours walking in a downpour soaked to the core. Little did I know he had organised the 2nd night in a 5 star mountain retreat so we really got to experience our engagement at both ends of the spectrum and goes to show that opposite attract for all the right reasons!

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  1. My partner is not romantic at all and he had a habbit of asking us to take the next step while i was half asleep! When we started talking about marriage i naturally assumed that would be the technique he used. So many sleepless nights and for nothing. I then gopt sever tonsilitis and being a massive sook while sick he left work early to look after me. I’m lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself and drugged up from the doctors when i ask my partner to look at my tonsils. He grabbed a touch and stuck his finger in my mouth the proudly claims ‘is this it?’ I thought he had ripped out my tonsils and i was going to choke on my own blood!!! It took me about a minute to realise it wasn’t my tonsils but a ring and that he was proposing!!! I, ofcourse, squarked yes at him and then had to text our news as i couldn’t talk!!!! It was perfect and so unique just like my now fiance!

  2. My partner and I have been together for almost 7 years, we have beautiful twin daughters together and have just purchased our second home. We have always said we’ll get married after we are settled in the next house but the proposal was a complete surprise.

    During our first Christmas lunch in the new house, we were told that we had to watch the news because my partner who works at Channel 7 had filmed a Christmas Special that he wanted us to see. So there we all were sitting in our living room watching the news and just after the Christmas Special finishes up my lounge room appears on TV, with him sitting on one knee ring box in hand asking me to marry him and then he turned to me with the same ring in his hand. It was the most romantic and unexpected surprise, and such a magical way to end Christmas Day, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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