Best Engagement Proposals of 2012

The wedding proposals from 2012 that melted our hearts, had us reaching for tissues and reinforced that love is truly alive & rocking!

by Alicia Richardson

Now that the new year is drawing close we thought we’d take a moment to retrace and rediscover the best wedding proposals from 2012.

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Isaac Lamb took the flash mob proposal concept to another level when proposing to his girlfriend Amy Frankel. He enlisted the help of friends and family, added live lip dub and costumes to the mix, singing along to the Bruno Mars song “Marry You”. It was featured on morning and evening news television around the globe, and has received more than 17 million views on YouTube since it was posted in May 2012.

The Puppy Proposal

This proposal is so cute. The girlfriend loves puppies, but is unable to own one due to allergies. So her boyfriend organised for adorable random puppies to walk past them in New York’s Central Park, each carrying a message for her as they scamper past. The last dog? Wears a tuxedo and a message asking her “will you marry me?”.

Showered with Love and Roses

A Melbourne man enlisted the help of family and random strangers to co-ordinate a bombardment of roses (one for each day the couple had been together) upon his unsuspecting girlfriend one windy morning in Melbourne. Then ensure he wouldn’t forget any of his lines he then held up cards outlining why he wanted her as his wife.

The Beachside Lip –Dub Proposal

The lip dub, while certainly a real co-ordinating act, is a wonderful way to involve all your family and friends in the proposal, which Brad and Emily’s story reinforces.

Fabulous Flash Mob Proposals

Don’t worry the flash mob proposal certainly didn’t vanish in 2012 thanks to the arrival of the lip dub trend. There were some fantastic flash mob co-ordinations that popped up in Sydney’s own Darling Harbour, Seattle and New York.

Proposal Flashmob Darling Harbour

Glee Flash Mob & Marriage Proposal in Seattle

Surprise Ending Flash Mob Marriage Proposal in New York

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by Alicia Richardson


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