Amazing ‘Frozen’-Themed Wedding Proposal!

The most romantic proposal story we've heard in a while.

by Ivy Jacobsen

We love a romantic proposal story here at The Knot – and now we have exciting news for Frozen fans! If you just can’t “Let It Go” yet, check out this Princess Anna and Prince Hans real-life proposal. Brian Davis knew he wanted to ask his girlfriend Michelle Seguin to marry him, so he decided to get super creative and re-create a scene straight out of the couple’s favourite film, Frozen.


“We saw Frozen on a date together and both fell in love with the film. It gave me the idea for the proposal. I wanted to create a perfect Disney scene,” Brian said.

So Brian did what any guy would do in this case: he ordered custom-made costumes of Anna’s coronation dress and Hans’s prince outfit and rented a horse. He chose an inn called the  Castle Marne Inn, near their home in Denver, to propose at since it has castle-inspired features.

“I convinced Michelle we were going to go out for dinner for our fourth anniversary,” Brian said. “I dropped off her dress at her house with instructions to wear it. I then saddled up the horse, which was called Romeo, and rode him to the Castle Marne Inn. As Michelle arrived I felt my heart beating fast but I never questioned what I was about to do. I was ready to ask her. I rode up on Romeo, dismounted and proposed to her beside the castle, under a vine arch.”

Michelle was shocked when he proposed with a diamond ring, but happily said yes! “I can honestly say that I had no idea the proposal was coming, but Brian has always been one to do crazy and romantic things,” Michelle said.

And the Frozen-inspired romance doesn’t stop there: If Michelle wants to take it a step further, she can also get married in a new wedding dress inspired by Queen Elsa, created by Disney Weddings and US bridal company Alfred Angelo! Disney Weddings’ Instagram account posted a pretty sketch of the Frozen-themed wedding dress that could serve as inspiration for any brides-to-be who are also Frozen fans:


“A character like Elsa is a huge inspiration for any designer,” Michele Piccione, Alfred Angelo’s chief creative officer and the designer of the dress told InStyle. “She is beautiful and elegant, and her inner beauty shines through when she is ultimately not afraid to embrace who she is with confidence and poise.”

“The rumors are true- meet “Elsa”, our Frozen-inspired wedding gown with @AlfredAngeloBridal! #Disney #Frozen #wedding #dress,” the caption states. The sparkly strapless gown will come in both ivory and pale blue options and will be available in January.

Tell us, would you like a Disney-themed wedding proposal, Knotties?

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by Ivy Jacobsen


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