5 So-Sweet Proposal Stories

These awww-worthy proposal stories will give you the warm and fuzzies.

by Lauren Levy

These five grooms-to-be deserve the whole world to know about how they asked their brides to marry them. Yep, these proposal stories are pretty much too cute for words…


1. Caitlin & Theo 
Theo knew it was Caitlin’s dream to get married at the Denver Botanic Gardens, so one night after a particularly rough day at work, he took her there for what she thought was a double date. Once they arrived, he took her into a gazebo filled with candles and rose petals. “Looking around, I thought that someone had just gotten married. Then I turned around and Theo was on one knee,” says Caitlin. “It was all for me!” Shortly after she said, “yes,” he said they had somewhere else to be. At the nearby Brown Palace Hotel, they celebrated at a table covered in rose petals with a bottle of champagne.
(Image: Unveil Loft)

2. Kristan & Kevin
Kristan dragged Kevin to New York City for the weekend, and when they arrived, Kevin stopped a stranger to ask for directions. Instead of telling them the best way to go, she began serenading them with “Endless Love,” and even though the singing was beautiful, Kristan assumed she was just trying to get a record deal, since they were in New York after all. “But the most peculiar part was the large smile that Kevin had and he said, ‘I love you,’ ” says Kristan. “I remember thinking, ‘Why do you want have a moment in front of this lady who won’t stop singing?’ ” Kevin grabbed both of her hands and whispered, “I’m going to propose to you now.” I looked over to the left and saw my friend, a photographer, snapping away – she captured the entire thing! Than our best friends began to emerge and ran over to congratulate us.
(Image: Erika Layne Photography)

3. Emily & Ryan 
Ryan planned to propose the weekend of Emily’s first half marathon, but got so nervous by that Friday, he couldn’t wait. “He called me at 5 a.m. and asked me to take off work, so I had an idea what was happening but he still managed to surprise me,” says Emily. “He hid the ring in a new pair of running shoes — when I opened the box, I found his grandmother’s ring.” This year, Emily is running another half marathon in her ‘proposal shoes’, just weeks before their wedding!
(Image: With Love & Embers)

4. Amy & Brett
Brett proposed to Amy on a surprise trip to Germany and Austria — and he didn’t tell her where they were headed until 36 hours before they boarded the plane! “The original plan was to rent a boat in Hallstatt, Austria, and propose on the water. Unfortunately, the weather was uncooperative, and boats weren’t allowed out that day,” Brett recalls. “Improvising, I took her on a walk. Eventually we came across a beautiful waterfall, where I proposed with the now infamous opening line ‘I hope to find many more waterfalls with you…’ ”
(Image: Lacey Peyton Photography)

5. Gina & Kyle 
During a trip to Europe with Kyle and his parents, Gina had no idea that Kyle’s mum had something very special in her purse the entire time: an engagement ring. Although she had a hunch he might pop the question, Gina was still overwhelmed when he finally asked at the top of Mount Jenner in the Bavarian Alps. “Kyle played it cool the entire time — if I needed to grab something from his luggage, he never acted weird or nervous, because he knew the ring was safe with his mum. They made my dream come true!” Gina says.
(Image: Emily Jane Photography)

Tell us Knotties, how did your groom propose?

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