The Who, What And Wear of Hens Parties

Is it time to get down with your girls? Here's everything you need to know!

by Caitlin Moscatello

Your hens night is the perfect time to get your dancing shoes on, let loose and catch up with all your gal pals. Here’s where to start with your party planning:

Hens2CocktailsPhilip Ficks
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This is a chance to have a fun night out with the girls, free from wedding planning and your partners. Your invite list could go one of two ways — either include friends, colleagues, mothers and other female family members or ask only your closest friends for a tight-knit affair (with more freedom to do the things you’d most like to, without judging eyes!). You might have to behave yourself a little more if you choose the former, but we’re sure your mum and mother-in-law will love the chance to celebrate with you. It’s best if you only include people who are also invited to the wedding, as you don’t want to offend anyone (or confuse those who might later think their wedding invite got lost in the mail!). However, for certain circles of friends (like workmates) you can probably use your own judgement about inviting them.


Your hens party can be whatever you want, but the main aim is to have fun! Choose an activity for the night that everyone will love (and that will help people mingle and get to know each other). Also consider a theme, matching outfits, and plenty of games. If you’re worried your mother-in-law won’t approve of risqué dares, then leave these activities for later in the night when the numbers start to dwindle. Our advice? This is one pre-wedding activity that you don’t really need to organise! Give your bridal party tips and hints for what you’d like to do (or don’t want to do) and then sit back and let them handle the logistics.

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Image: Nikki Mills


The dress code for your hens is completely up to you. The activities that are planned for the day will give you a good idea of what to wear (make sure you give your guests a heads up if they require flat shoes, swimsuits or if you’re having a theme). To really stand out as a group, why not all wear pink, or give the bride a mock veil or feather boa so she remains the centre of attention wherever you go.

by Caitlin Moscatello


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  1. A Hen’s party is a nice way to get your new “in laws”, Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law’s to be, plus your closest female family and friends together before the big day. Let your Head Bridesmaid organise this for you and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

    If you are not comfortable having your ‘In-Laws’ and older family members present with you for the whole event why not have a lavish High Tea in the afternoon or a private dinner and then your and your friends can party on afterwards. That way everyone gets to enjoy your celebrations and play a part in the lead up to your special day. It’s a great way to get to know your newest family members and friends better prior to your reception!

    A good idea is to ask your reception venue if they have special rate or offer for additional events, especially as they will be looking after your reception, some companies offer an incentive/ discount to hold your hens night, lunch or dinner with them as well. Some reception places have smaller private dining rooms or alternative venues that they can offer for such events. For example you could have a wedding at L’Aqua but hen’s night in a private dining room at Italian Village.

    Sally Dolman
    Wedding Manager- Dockside venues

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