Amazing Hens Night Themes You Haven’t Thought Of… Yet

We asked you guys to tell us your best-ever hens night themes.

by The Knot

We asked you guys to spill your best-ever hens night themes! Read on for some of the most awesome suggestions…


“My sister organised mine and it was a cops and robbers theme. I was a cop and the girls were robbers.” – Jemma

“Flappers and gangsters and a burlesque theme! So much fun and easy to find costumes.” – Melanie

“I did Alice In Wonderland for my sister – she was Alice. Everyone looked fantastic. We based it on the newest one to make it a bit more quirky and fun.” – Kylie

“We had Hollywood Glam, so we all got dressed up – complete with a red carpet at home!” – Heather

‘”I just had mine over the weekend and it was 1950’s Housewives, Betty Draper-inspired! There was a lot of red lippy and polished nails.” – Myra

‘My sister-in-law had Moulin Rouge – it was soooooo much fun! She was dressed in a white corset, mini skirt, stay up lacey stockings and heels – and we all dressed in corsets etc too but we had to wear pink!” – Chantel

“Grease!” – Lesley

“All the girls had to wear hats. It’s fuss-free and added a fun element to the night’s events!” – Rebecca

“I love the 1920s, so my sister organised a Great Gatsby-themed party! It was great, everyone went to so much effort!” -Katie

“My friends organised a back-to-school-themed hens for me. We all had to pull out our old uniforms (if we fitted into them!)” – Nicky

“I organised a friend’s hens night in Bali. We didn’t have much time or access to costumes, so we went with a white-themed party. It was really fun!” – Lizzy

“I want to have a pin-up girl theme.” – Danielle

Do you have any more hens night theme ideas, Knotties?

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by The Knot


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