7 Must-Have Hens Party Props

You can't thrown a hens night without a bag of tricks. Like these ones..

by Amy Elliott and Rebecca Hanley

Got a hens night coming up? Your crew are probably super excited about a day of copious amounts of bubbles (or espresso martinis, if that’s more your style!), phallic references, and general debaucherous behaviour. If you’re keen to make it an evening to go down in the book of Epic Girls Nights, why not go all out and pack a few party props to max the fun (your hen may not thank you, but the rest of the guests will!). Here’s a guide to what to put into your hens bag of tricks…


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1) The headpiece
You want everyone you encounter — the limo driver, the convenience store guy, the bartenders, and the cute guys at the pub — to take notice when they see your hen and her entourage. Mini veils are a popular way to make the bride-to-be stand out, but you can also make her wear a glitzy tiara, or a hilarious wig.

2) The dare list
Create a list of missions for the hen to complete during the night. Think awks — but not completely humiliating — acts such as serenading an unsuspecting stranger, starting the dancefloor, or kissing all the barmen on the cheek. Or have a mini scavenger hunt where the bride has to score such items as a condom, five mens’ business cards, and a selfie of herself with a hot guy.

3) The ‘accessories’
Thread some lollies onto a necklace, then enlist random willing males to remove the lollies from the bride’s neckā€¦ with their teeth. The charge: $1 per bite.

4) A bit of burlesque
Add a hint of naughty to the hens’s outfit to make her feel daring, and fabulously embarrassed. A feather boa is perfect, or a sexy garter. Ask all the guests to bring a naughty accessory or article of clothing for the hen to wear at some point during the night.

5) A blow-up doll
He’s the only male guest allowed at the party. The best part? He’s naked. Make the hen carry him around all night! You could even handcuff him to her wrist (just don’t lose the key!).

6) X-rated essentials
Scaling a jungle full of penis paraphernalia at a sex store can become kinda overwhelming. Our advice: make a beeline for the penis straws. Since the hen is likely to be downing the bubbles all night, it will never be far from her lips!

7) A designated photographer
Ok, this one’s more of a person than a prop, but equally important! When the party’s over, you’ll want to have more than a few fuzzy memories to recount it by, so don’t let a single minute of the evening’s debauchery go undocumented – or, on the flip side, onto social media! Coz what happens on the hens stays on the hens, right? If one of your girls is less likely to down ten champagnes, make her iPhone the official camera of the night – and charge her with getting pics of all the funniest moments, then sharing them with the crew the next day.

What are you planning for your hens, Knotties? 

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by Amy Elliott and Rebecca Hanley


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