Should I Have My Engagement Ring Custom Made?

Should you go for engagement bling that's made just for you?

by Rebecca Hanley

There are a gazillion seriously tempting options in store – and in your daydreams, you’d happily allow most of them to live on your left ring finger. but the idea of having a ring made just for you sounds ultra romantic as well, right? So should you still consider getting your engagement ring custom made? Whether you’re strategically leaving your Pinterest board open on your laptop for your potential groom-to-be to see, you’re a guy about to propose to your girlfriend or your boyfriend has proposed and you two are planning to choose the ring together, this is a decision of mega proportions. We decided it was time for some expert advice regarding the custom-made ring debate, so we asked Sarah Gibson of Larsen Jewellery what all the fuss is about.


Your engagement ring is just as unique as you (and your manicure)

Why do some people choose to have their engagement ring custom-made?
“The answer is simple. There is no other purchase quite like an engagement ring. An engagement ring is quite likely the most significant and sentimental purchase one will make in their lifetime. What an engagement ring represents is like no other, a symbolic gesture of your everlasting love and commitment. Therefore, it is fair to say that an engagement ring deserves the time, expert craftsmanship and energy that is poured into custom made jewellery.”

What are some practical benefits of designing a ring yourself?
“Choosing to have a custom made engagement ring is a beautiful journey, you become a part of the entire process from the initial design developmental, to selecting the diamond. The best part about custom made is that it ensures you get the best quality diamond or gemstone for your budget and with the help of an expert jeweller your ring is designed and masterfully crafted to create the look you desire, no matter how traditional or unique.”

Is it also considered a particularly romantic gesture?
“An engagement ring is for life and with a custom made engagement ring you are arguably making the most personal choice, your partner will wear a ring that has been created by you to be worn only by her.”

by Rebecca Hanley


  1. My fiance had my ring custom made for me based on designs I showed him. It is perfect and beautiful :) The main reason we had it custom-made was because I wanted it in palladium, which is not commonly used in store-bought rings. I went for palladium as I didn’t like the idea of getting a white gold ring re-plated all the time, platinum is too expensive, titanium wouldn’t work for the setting and I don’t like titanium rings, and steel, tungsten and silver are unsuitable. Palladium is also hypo-allergenic.

  2. Custom is the way to go. Find your local Tiffany’s ask who in the local market does their repairs and use them – they don’t trust just anyone, nor should you. Good enough for Tiffany, good enough for your partner! It all starts with stone selection, and it builds from there. A great jeweler will be able to design based on your story, relationship, and details you provide. If she’s one of a kind, get her a ring to match. Throw out old ideas, do what suits the relationship. Don’t forget to get the ring engraved and sized as best you can. If in Western Australia, i’d highly recommend Nordoff.

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