This Sydney Proposal Story Will Make Your Heart Melt

Bring on the warm and fuzzies...

by Rebecca Hanley

We loved this proposal story so much that we just had to share it! Adriana, 21, a marketing professional and blogger at Golden Hour Girl, and Arden, 25, a finance professional, recently got married in a stunning celebration at Palm Beach, Sydney. When Adriana shared her wedding pictures with The Knot for our Real Weddings section (you can see them here), we thought her proposal story (and accompanying pics) was one of the most romantic we’ve seen in a while! Keep scrolling for all the details…

“I received the best Christmas present I could have asked for in 2013,” says Adriana. “Arden proposed to me on December 19th, 2013, on a windy but warm Thursday night. I had been asking Arden to take me on a nice end of year date, so I didn’t think of anything suspicious when he said he had a nice dinner planned.

Arden picked me up from work and told me to wear something nice. He drove us to Catalina’s in Rose Bay and we had a wonderful dinner on the water there. Funnily enough the Wolverine cast were sitting behind us, and a guy proposed to his lady on the wharf right next to us. After walking past all the paparazzi lined up outside the restaurant for the Wolverine stars, I thought I had been surprised enough.


Arden suggested we go for a beach walk at Rose Bay at sunset because he knew that that was my favourite time of the day. We got to a wall on the beach, as he held me close I could feel his heart beating. He looked me in the eyes and told me to count to 60 then come around the corner. As he dashed around the wall I couldn’t wait to see what was on the other side.

I walked around the wall with the water touching my ankles, and climbed up on the grassy area right by the water. It was a sentimental hidden reserve looking out onto the harbour bridge, cityscape and water that we stumbled upon on our third date. Little did I know this was the moment! He had roped some of our best friends into setting everything up while we were eating dinner.


I walked up through the lanterns lined up to him. As I turned to my right there was a picnic set up between the frangipani trees with candles, lights hanging from them and lanterns – all the things I loved.

We sat down and he reached for a little booklet in the picnic basket. It was called ’50 Things I love About You’. He read them out one by one; both our hearts racing by now.


Then Arden said, ‘Number 50…. I love you so much, I want to ask you a question.’

He pulled me up to stand and we walked a little closer to the water. Then he got down one knee, said some really sweet things which all seem like a blur, and before I knew it I had a diamond on my finger!




Good thing his mate was hiding in a tree to capture the moment.”

What do you think of this amazing proposal, Knotties?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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