Could You Get Married In This? 15 Dresses That Blew Our Minds At Paris Haute Couture

These OTT runway bridal looks will definitely have you taking a third glance.

by Rebecca Hanley

OK, so we’re all for sartorial self-expression while walking down the aisle – but there’s a fine line between pushing the fashion envelope and going a little OTT. (You’ll be showing the wedding pics to your grandbabies, remember, people!) The runways at this week’s Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2015 provided plenty of fashion fodder that definitely toed that line. Amazing? Yes. Something your mum envisioned you wearing as you wed your Prince Charming? Uh…. Click through these 15 wow-worthy bridal looks from PFW – because even if we may not be brave enough to don these gowns ourselves, there’s nothing like having a good perve on what Karl Lagerfeld and co. think a REAL wedding dress should look like.


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