Celeb Engagement Ring Trends 2014

We break down the biggest engagement ring trends of the year that was.

by Ivy Jacobsen & Rebecca Hanley

As we look back on 2014, one thing’s for sure – it was a huge year for celebrity engagements! From Mila Kunis and Emma Roberts to Nicky Hilton, it seems every celeb worth her weight in paparazzi pics suddenly seemed to be sporting some bling on her left ring finger. And said engagement rings could be described in three words — big, bigger and biggest! Size aside, we spotted several ring trends making their way down red carpets, from colourful gems to dazzling halos. Here are the top seven engagement ring trends of the year:

1) Halo Setting


Images :Andi Dorfman via Instagram; Getty Images

When Emma Roberts got engaged to Evan Peters and unveiled her rose gold engagement ring (left) with a delicate halo at the Golden Globes, we were instantly obsessed. After all, the metallic hue is one of the hottest wedding trends of the year!

And when Josh Murray selected a giant oval-cut diamond sparkler with a double halo to propose to Andi Dorfman with, we know she was just as godsmacked as we were.

2) Princess-Cut


Image: Nicky Hilton via Instagram

Heiresses are basically princesses, right? So it’s fitting that James Rothschild gave Nicky Hilton such a stunning princess-cut diamond while on vacation in Europe!

3) Round-Cut


Image: Allison Williams via Instagram; Getty Images

On the red carpet and off, Allison Williams and Mila Kunis love classic, polished looks, so we love that their round-cut engagement rings also match their sense of style. Ricky Van Veen proposed to the Girls and Peter Pan Live! star in February, which was when photographers noticed new mama Mila’s sparkler from Ashton Kutcher (right) on her ring finger.

4) Bezel Setting


Image: Getty Images

Since former Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester is so fashion-forward, it comes as no surprise that Adam Brody presented her with a beautiful cushion-cut diamond in a modern gold bezel setting.

5) Vintage


Images: Ashlee Simpson via Twitter; Christina Aguilera via Instagram;Getty Images

Ashlee Simpson and Christina Aguilera‘s sparkly, vintage-inspired engagement rings perfectly fit their signature boho-glam style. Similarly, it seems like Mary-Kate Olsen‘s vintage Cartier sparkler was meant for the couture-wearing fashion designer.

6) Emerald-Cut


Image: Getty Images

Amal Alamuddin‘s breathtaking emerald-cut diamond engagement ring — given to her by none other than George Clooney — deserves a slow clap and a parade. Bravo, George!

7) Yellow Stone


Style icon Olivia Palermo’s yellow diamond engagement ring from Johannes Huebl takes the (wedding) cake for its gorgeous hue, complemented by two trapezoid-shaped side stones.

And Jenny McCarthy‘s 10-carat yellow sapphire stunner is gorgeous too (although we have to wonder if her finger ever gets tired!).

Which of these engagement ring trends is your have, Knotties?

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by Ivy Jacobsen & Rebecca Hanley


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