7 Signs Your Bridesmaids Might Be Ready To Fire You (In GIFs)

Are you entering cray bride territory? Here's a little reality check we prepared earlier.

by Rebecca Hanley

They’re your besties and they’ll love you forever, right? Right. Unless, that is, you take the ‘it’s my wedding and I’ll cry if I want to’ liberties a little too far. Could you be edging into crazy bride territory – or are your wedding planning behaviours totally normal? Here are seven signs your bride-to-be behaviour may be causing your bridesmaids to consider taking a leave pass from your wedding…

1) The wedding dress shopping trips began before you were engaged. Officially. But, you knew he was going to ask you eventually.

2) Since you officially changed your FB status, you’ve given new meaning to the phrase ‘in sickness and in health’. Yep, weekly dress shopping trips are compulsory, no matter what. Because, you have to make sure your dress is THE ONE.

3) You give them (and everyone else) the major guilts if they ever selfishly attempt to divert the conversation away from, er… you, and your impending nuptials. (Your wedding only happens once! Their lives will be there forever!)

5) You’ve emailed them a list of ‘recommendations’ that may or may not include: no haircuts without prior consultation with you; your preferred teeth-whitening services.

6) When you spontaneously ‘pop in’ to their apartments with an updated itinterary for the six months prior to your big day, they greet you like this:

6) The single ones know that if any of them get new boyfriends between now and the wedding (thereby disrupting your seating plan), this will happen:

7) One of them gets up the courage to ask if you really contacted all of their bosses to apply for 1 week’s annual leave on their behalves (there is a LOT to do the week before the wedding), and you reply…

What’s the worst bridezilla behaviour you’ve been guilty of, Clubbers?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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