5 Date Nights So Fun He’ll Be Yours Forever (Oh Wait, He Already Is)

Make it a night so awesome he'll be yours forever. Oh wait, he already is.

by Rebecca Hanley

Ok, so the second-most romantic day of your life has already happened (yep, the proposal), and the first is coming up – but that doesn’t mean you and your fiancé need to sit around in trackie dacks eating dumplings on the couch every Friday night. Why not make it a date to remember? Because, you’ll only get to enjoy this special time as fiancés once! And because, date night with him.

1) Recreate your first date
We’re talking what you wore, where you went, what you ate. If you two went to a restaurant for your very first rendez-vous, book a table there (and see if you can sweet talk them into giving you the very same one) – and of course, convince him to pick you up, just like the old days. See if you can even remember what you guys talked about!


Image: @marycostaphoto via Instagram

2) Go glamping
If you two lovers are the outdoor types (or, er, you just fancy an excuse for a weekend minibreak), what could be more romantical than a night spent stargazing, followed by canoodling inside your very own al fresco canvas palace for two?


And if you’ve been a tad stressed about the whole planning-the-biggest-day-of-my-life thing? Designate your campsite a Wedding Talk Free Zone.


Campspites and images: @happy_glamper via Instagram

(A little tight on funds due to the whole wedding budget? This one is also totally DIY-able in your backyard.)

3) Give each other pre-wedding IOUs

Got 10 months till you and he celebrate your big day? Give each other a card to open for every month between now and your wedding; each one containing a sweet IOU (no peeking beforehand!). These can be anything at all – from you agreeing to watch an entire box set of True Blood with him, to him promising to take you shopping at Tiffany & Co. (err, here’s hoping!).

Maybe he’ll promise you some surprise just-because blooms…


Image: @thedailyguru vai Instagram

Maybe you’ll promise him some of this…


Image: grace_loves_lace via Instagram

4) Make a lovey dovey investment for your new home
OK, so chances are you live together already, so the ‘marital home’ is the one you’re in right now – but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your impending Mr-And-Mrs status with a special buy (plus this way, you don’t have to wait!). Making a joint purchase on something like an art print is a sentimental way to solidify (and celebrate) things to come.



Images and prints: @blackliststudio via Instagram

5) Take him on a treasure hunt date
Write up a series of clues for your guy that lead him from your apartment to somewhere romantic (and of course… you!). Pop each one in an envelope, with the each clue leading to the next (yep, you know the drill).


Image: @ellyhartleydesigns via Instagram

Let the final clue lead him to a special meeting spot.

Be sure to arrive armed with treats!

1 Image: @laduree via Instagram

Or even better… Lead him to a fully set-up romantic picnic dinner. (Yes, dinner can just be cake.)


Image: @marycostaphoto via Instagram

What are you and your fiancé planning to to do for your next date night, Knotties?

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