10 Great Bucks Night Ideas

10 ideas to get you started in your quest for the perfect bucks party experience.

by Yadira Galarza

There’s nothing tough about planning a good bucks party. It just takes a little organisation (draw up a guest list, schedule a night), a bit of luck (hope everyone can make it, stay out of trouble), and one really excellent idea. Here are 10 bucks activities that will be perfect for your man, his friends and all his groomsmen.

If your man loves a beer (don’t they all?) then taking a pub tour through some of Sydney’s oldest and most charismatic pubs and bars might just be the perfect bucks option for him. It will especially be perfect if your man is a no-fuss kind of guy because there wouldn’t be a lot to organise. All he would need is to book a tour for himself and a bunch of his mates and let the tour guide do all the rest. There might be quite a few drinks consumed on the day, but the boys will learn a lot too.

Contact: Sydney Pub Tours
Location: Sydney, NSW

My-Ultimate-Bucks-500-2014-Image: Sydney Pub Tours

A bucks night need not always be about bars, drinking (and girls) it can also be about pushing your man out of his comfort zone and trying something different. Which is why we think it’s important to consider giving shark diving a go. It is quite expensive though so if your man is going to have big bucks party not everybody could take part. But at least all of his friends could watch as he tries to hide his fear before being lowered into the tank. Plus, once he’s done the rest of the day will still be free to fill with whatever the bucks party desires.

Contact: Sea World
Location: Australia wide (look one up in a city near you)

If your man is a cigar-loving aficionado organise for him and his boys to have a classy send off in a cigar bar with My Ultimate Bucks. With this bucks option your man and his friends will be able to sip on their favourite spirits, smoke cigars and get nothing but VIP treatment all night long. Plus platters upon platters of hors d’oeuvre’s, expertly prepared will also be served, so they’ll all be well fed too. And there’ll be no queues or door charges either. Which is pretty much every mans dream come true.

Contact: My Ultimate Bucks
Location: Australia wide

If your man is seriously into cars. Like really into them, then nothing could beat the experience of driving a Porsche for a day. Your man and his friends could organise a full day tour or just a half day tour depending on what else they have planned (as well ass how much they might like to drink) and the day can start from there. Then when the boys have finished playing with their toys they could all head out to a nice bucks dinner and wind down, talk cars and see where the night takes them from there.

Contact: Drive Porsches
Location: Australia wide

This option is for the buck who really doesn’t want to throw a party or jump into doing anything crazy before his big day. Might we be allowed to say that this option could be for the sensible buck? Ooops, we just did. We could think of no better way than waving goodbye to single life than by hiring a quaint apartment or small house by the closest beach near your city and letting your man and his mates just hang out there for the weekend. Not only will they not have to wake up at any particular time of day but they’ll also be able to hang out by Australia’s most beautiful beaches which we sometimes forget people the world over travel here to see.

Contact: Head to Air BnB to look for and book accommodation early. Popular beaches include, Byron Bay, Bondi or for a quieter stay head to Hyams Beach in NSW which has been touted as having the ‘whitest sand on earth’.
Location: Australia wide

If your partner is always the thrill seeker than we can’t go past jet boating as a bucks option. It will undoubtedly be one he’ll never forget. My Ultimate Bucks are able to organise and action packed day starting with a blast on a jet boat across your city’s waters (Darling Harbour would be perfect for this) and the day finishes with a whole lot of food! A dinner reservation will be made for your man and his boys at a restaurant in your city and if they really want to go all out they can even organise a stretch hummer to pick them up or drop them off at their dinner too.

Contact: My Ultimate Bucks
Location: Australia wide

Paint balling has got to do one of the most popular bucks options out there. Why guys love to shoot one another with guns is beyond us, but this option is a favourite Australia wide so we couldn’t put together a bucks party list without including it. My Ultimate Bucks can organise packages for men in Melbourne and if you think your man would love this idea you should let him know the deal. There’ll be a brewery tour, a huge BBQ lunch and one of the most epic views of the Yarra river making it a night hard to forget.

Contact: My Ultimate Bucks
Location: Melbourne, VIC

The Knot Paintball 500px by 500px (2)Image: My Ultimate Bucks 

If your man loves his golf than why don’t you help him organise a golfing send off for him and all his friends? Not only will they boys be occupied playing one of their favourite games all day but they could also be provided with extra activities to enjoy. Golftec in Melbourne can organise additional rounds of poker to be included as part of their packages as well as ahem, a little adult entertainment. If that’s your man thing.

Contact: Golftec
Location: Melbourne, VIC

This is a macho Disneyland dream for a Bucks. It’s basically a whole awesome day of competitiveness and challenges all rolled into a continuous circuit of never ending fun. Skirmish Laser Force, Go Karting, Bowling, Mini Golf, Dodgems and as much fried food as you can eat – it’s just like being a kid again and perfect for any man at any age.

Contact: My Ultimate Bucks
Location: Australia wide

Image: My Ultimate Bucks 

If you know a day out on the water fishing would be your mans dream come true than there’s no need for him to stray from what he loves right? Look up a charter company near you, or if you’re lucky enough to own your own boat than you could always help his best man organise the day. Again a whole lot of food as well as drinks will be provided to make sure your man and his mates are well fed and if they’re keen to keep the night going they’ll be able to do so once all their day fishing activities are done.

Contact: Able Fishing
Location: Melbourne, VIC

Tell us Knotties, what is your man doing for his bucks night?

by Yadira Galarza


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  2. We had my brother’s bucks last week, went to the bowls and dressed him in a pink bunny onesie – absolutely hilarious!

  3. Thanks for some great ideas for my mates bucks night… Number 6 Puff daddy was an awesome way to start the night!

  4. This should 10 boring bucks night ideas. Where’s the cocaine, ecstasy and ladies of the night?

  5. Make sure you book the strippers, waitresses or bucks party showgirls in advance. Booking 4 weeks, or more in advance and paying a deposit with a well established agency is your best bet for securing the most desirable strippers, waitresses and showgirls in your city. Ask the agency for a package deal if booking multiple shows or waitressing services for your bucks party.

  6. Jetboating and hummer, a mate of ours did this my ultimate bucks sydney one and we got the buck wearing a tutu in the boat, it was soaked lol

  7. We booked through Wicked Bucks they had a bunch of good ideas or the fellas, and at a good price.We also had our t-shirts made up for the group .

  8. Old fashioned bucks party entertainment is not such a bad ideas. Dancer does really spice up things a bit, fun for bucks and all the mates. But it is fantastic list of ideas for bucks night – well done !

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