Alexandra & David’s Wedding Video By MiVision Productions

The video begins with a beautiful speech by the father-of-the-groom...

by Wedding Club


The father-of-the-groom began his speech with his son’s abilities on the sporting field, then went on to sing praises of his new daughter-in-law, in a beautiful tribute that opens this wedding video. “David certainly can kick goals. Well, in January 2012, he kicked another goal. He met Alex. He courted her, he became engaged to her and now she’s his wife. As soon as I met Alex I’ve liked her and now after so many months that we’ve known her, we don’t only like her, we love her. We’re very happy to welcome her into our family and all I can say is God bless them and I hope that he grants them many years of love and happiness.”

Videography by MiVision Productions

by Wedding Club


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