What Type Of Bride Are You (According To Your Star Sign)

Verging into control freak bride territory? Blame it on your horoscope! We break it down, according to the stars...

by Rebecca Hanley

Are you a Leo who’s spent hours searching the entire interwebs for the perfect oh-so romantic reading for your big day? A Virgo who’s circulated a minute-by-minute itinerary to your bridal party 6 months out from the wedding? Or a Pisces who, er, hasn’t done much aside from daydreaming about the ‘Wedding Inspo’ Pinterest page you’ll get around to making, eventually? Whatever your style, you can blame it on the stars! We consult the zodiac to uncover what your tendencies may be in the lead-up to W-day, according to astrology. Read on (and be sure to forward to husby-to-be next time he casually comments on how OTT organised – read: scary -, or otherwise you are when it comes to the wedding!). Just blame it on your horoscope… Enjoy!

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Aries bride

Your element: Fire

Your always-up-for-anything attitude means spontaneous fun is never far away. You’re fiesty, brave, and always have a zillion things on the go.

You’re the bride who… Gets things done. Your fiancé mentioned he’s always dreamed of having an obscure Equadorian liquer at the reception? It’s on its way.

If you had a bridezilla tendency, it would be… Getting a little too bossy! Let yourself hand over the reins a little – trust that your wedding suppliers know what they’re doing, and try to chill a bit.

Taurus bride

Your element: Earth

A lover of food, style, and all things cultured, you revel in life’s sensual pleasures. Creature comforts and feeling good are super important to you.

You’re the bride who… Will have the wedding feast people are still talking about on your tenth wedding anniversary. And possibly wear flats (who needs sore feet when there’s all that dancing to be done?!)

Be careful not to… Spend too all of your savings (and more) on the food and décor. Nobody will notice if the lime in your cocktails isn’t organic! Also, be flexible if things don’t go your way at every turn.

Gemini bride

Your element: Air

You’re the social butterfly of the zodiac, and you’ve always got good chat. That ever-curious mind means you can connect with anyone.

You’re the bride who… Is all over what’s trending when it comes to bridal style, beauty and wedding décor. And will insist having on a life debrief with every guest – even your guy’s deaf great aunt Mildred.

Be careful not to… Go way over your allocated number of invites. The lovely guy who you buy your morning coffee off, and that nice new girl in the finance department, will understand if they don’t score an invite.

Cancer bride

Your element: Water

A natural-born nurturer, you’re the lovely one friends and family turn to when they need a little extra TLC. You’re super loyal and value your inner circle above all else.

You’re the bride who… Will play mother hen to all your guests, get super sentimental about how much your family helped you plan the wedding, and try whatever you can to get out of performing a choreographed first dance.

Be careful not to… Hide all those lovely wedding day feels behind that shell. It’s OK to be a softie, and express how happy/in love/relived you are amongst your nearest and dearest.

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Leo bride

Your element: Fire

Lions have huge hearts and are known as probably the most romantic peeps in the zodiac. Generous and lighthearted, people are drawn to your positive energy.

You’re the bride who… Has been dreaming of her wedding day since she was, oh, five years old. You’ve probably had a ‘Wedding hair’ Pinterest board going since your first date with your fiancé – and are well on the way to making that dream come true.

Be careful not to… Let your mascara run all over your makeup artist’s hard work by dissolving into a puddle of ‘I-love-him-sooo-much’ happy tears just as you’re about to walk down the aisle.

Virgo bride

Your element: Earth

A super intuitive earth goddess, you’re a natural born giver who wants to help those around you. A lover of all things health and wellness, you’re also all about taking time out for TLC.

You’re the bride who… Dreams of an outdoor wedding – being close to nature is important to you. You’re modest and won’t stress is your bridesmaids rival you in the amazing dress stakes. Oh, and you’ll probably take the word ‘organised’ to a new level.

Be careful not to… Freak if the ivory plates you ordered turn out to be closer to eggshell. Try to tone down those everything-must-be-perfect tendencies just a little – it will help you enjoy your big day so much more.

Libra bride

Your element: Air

Known as the peacemaker of the zodiac, you’re a super balanced babe whose diplomatic skills are pretty impressive. You always know just what to say, and when – which is one of the many reasons people love being around you.

Your wedding planning style… Style is important to you – and if it’s in your budget, you’ve probably hired a stylist to ensure your reception is an on-trend as possible. You’re also likely to have a mega-long guest list.

If you had a bridezilla tendency it would be… Taking forever to decide on everything related to your big day, from the wedding cake (naked or iced?) to the flower girl’s shoes (white or pink?) – and then changing your mind, again.

Scorpio bride

Your element: Water

As a Scorpio, you’re as deep as they come. You can happily while away an afternoon discussing the meaning of life, and your relationships are intense – you love those dear to you with your whole heart (unless they make a wrong move – in which case, they’re as good as deleted from your life).

You’re the bride who… Revels in having all eyes on her on the big day. A natural charmer, you don’t shy away from attention. You’re also seriously sentimental, and your wedding speech (if you make one) should also be pretty epic.

Be careful not to… Try to control everything in the lead-up to saying ‘I do’. Let your beau, and even his mum, weigh in on a decision or three.


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Sagittarius bride

Your element: Fire

Lighthearted and free spirited, you don’t conform to convention. Born with a natural lucky streak, everything you touch seems to always work out just so. You live life to the fullest – who wants regrets?

You’re the bride who… Dreams of a destination wedding. An exotic adventure with all your many peeps would float your boat. But you don’t place too much weight on the small details – and never lose sight of the fact that W-day is really only about the love between you and your honey.

Be careful not to… Declare that you want to elope when the pressure gets a little too much – think it through first! Chances are, you’ll have the time of your life – and will love sharing it with those you heart most.

Capricorn bride

Your element: Earth

Everyone who comes into contact with you admires your impressive drive, and this zeal is sure to take you far in life. You’re also full of grace and know how to win friends in high places.

You’re the bride who… Stays up til 2am for weeks before your wedding creating the perfect glitter-dipped mason jar vases for the reception. Your efforts to make everything beyond amazing will be sure to impress your guy and guests alike.

Be careful not to… Spend so much time creating the perfect wedding that you forget to let your locks down a little. Soak in all those loving vibes, and let your suppliers take care of things while you take your dress for a spin on the dancefloor.

Aquarius bride

Your element: Air

You march to the beat of your own drum, and are a smartie who can win any debate. You’re always coming up with creative, zany ideas that entertain everyone around you.

You’re the bride who… Will wow your guests with truly out-of-the-box styling and oh-so original menu offerings. You also won’t be afraid to skip the traditional bridal look for something a little more quirky – think a short dress, a colour other than white, or a top-and-skirt combo (or all three).

Be careful not to… Overlook the little details. Also, don’t be afraid to show your hubby-to-be how you really feel, whether it’s in your wedding vows or via a heartfelt card delivered the morning of. Coz if there’s any time being soppy is OK, this is it.

Pisces bride

Your element: Water

You’re a super softie who revels in expressing her creative side. You love giving to others and can always sense exactly when your guy, or a friend, is in need of a just-because ‘thinking of you’ text.

Your wedding planning style… You’ll likely have entire wedding folders bursting with pretty ideas for everything from your bridal mani to the flower arrangements. Your planning sessions may also be interrupted by frequent spots of daydreaming about the look in your groom’s eyes as you walk down the aisle.

Be careful not to… Try to do everything in the planning process, so nobody else has to worry. It’s OK to delegate! Also, accept that even if the big day doesn’t turn out quite as rom-com-worthy as in your dreams, it will still be pretty amazing.

By Rebecca Hanley

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