Weekly Wedding Wrap 5.10.10

Lucky wedding date of 10.10.10 fast approaches, an ostentatious week-long wedding in India & how will Lady Gaga dress for her 'conservative' ceremony?

by Alicia Richardson

Five days from now is one of the most popular dates for weddings internationally since 9.9.09: 10.10.10. Not only is this going to be an easy anniversary date to remember in the years (and decades) to come but in the Chinese community it is also regarded as one of the most auspicious dates to say ‘I do’ (three tens is considered ‘perfect in every respect’). Congratulations to all who managed to secure a booking for this super popular date – celebrants are so heavily booked that they have had to turn couples away.

For those who are yet to book their ceremony and reception in there are still two dates remaining this century  in which the day, month and the year will all be the same: Friday 11.11.11 and Wednesday 12.12.12 (and both being weekdays a little more difficult for guests to attend).

Russell Brand & Katy PerrySome interesting (though we are not sure if entirely true) gossip circulating about a celebrity wedding is news that British comedian Russell Brand, 35, and fiancée singer Katy Perry, 25, are to be wed in India later this month. Apparently they feel the celebrations cannot be squeezed into a full day and night so instead have asked guests to put aside a full week in Delhi. Perhaps they are planning on using the Commonwealth Games stadium once on the athletes have moved out?

Another songstress who is planning her wedding at the moment? Queen of the crazy costumes Lady Gaga, 24, who is said to want a traditional wedding in the British countryside this Christmas with her boyfriend Luc Carl. While the location spoken about is a castle, I wonder what her definition of ‘traditional’ will be with the gown? Perhaps something designed by Donatella Versace who she considers her muse or an outfit like she’s worn on stage recently (see the main image). Certain to be enertaining if Lady Gaga is wearing it.

by Alicia Richardson


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