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Apparently, weddings are no longer just a Saturday night thing.

by Rebecca Hanley

A wedding equals a late Saturday afternoon ceremony followed by a dinner-and-dancing night reception, right? Well, apparently not anymore, with daytime weddings becoming more and more standard. We asked the experts at popular wedding venue InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort to explain this wedding trend.


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Why do you think we’re seeing an increase in the popularity of daytime weddings? 
Trends are showing that many couples are leaving the traditional evening wedding reception behind. Brides are becoming more open to the idea of a less formal wedding where guests can enjoy a long-lunch feel.  It also gives them more flexibility with the style and size of the reception, which can be restricted with an evening event. The majority of our international brides often prefer a lunchtime wedding.

What proportion of your wedding enquiries are for day weddings?
Whilst evening wedding receptions are still very popular, we are seeing around 20-30% of enquiries asking for daytime options as well.

What are the benefits of holding a daytime wedding as opposed to a traditional evening wedding?
A daytime wedding gives the bride and groom the flexibility to have a more relaxed evening with family and friends once the reception concludes, instead of the traditional ‘formal’ evening event.  A daytime wedding can be more cost effective. Plus by having an earlier ceremony and reception there’s a longer period of daylight available for the all-important photography.

What time are couples choosing to hold day weddings?
Late morning or midday ceremony and mid afternoon receptions, all usually concluding by 5pm.

Do they generally involve a sit-down lunch, or something more casual?
A sit-down lunch is still popular with couples wanting to retain some formalities, however we are seeing more casual family-style receptions, like high teas and cocktail receptions.

What’s one thing brides can often overlook when planning a wedding for the day?
The length of time it takes to get ready.  It can be a very early start with hair and makeup, especially if there is a large bridal party! Time is of the essence when the ceremony is early.

How do most couples choose to spend the evening following their daytime wedding?
Relaxing with family and friends in a more casual way.  Some choose to kick off their shoes, paddle in the lagoon pool here at the InterContinental and enjoy a picnic dinner, while others enjoy dinner for 2 in the resort’s signature restaurant The Fireplace.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Our daytime weddings (during weekdays in particular) allow us to have more flexibility when planning your wedding and reception, compared to weddings that are held at peak times on weekends.

What time are you planning to hold your wedding ceremony, Knotties?

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by Rebecca Hanley


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