Top Tips for Summer Flowers

Here are some must-know tips on how to keep your summer wedding flowers fresh.

by The Knot

Choose hearty flowers

primertose and thym Contact: Primrose and Thyme Floral Design

Hip hip hooray! Summer is finally here! If you are getting married in these warmer months, or happen to pick a day when the sun is shining, it is vital that you really consider the impact of our bright sunshine on your blooms. Malynda Impey, owner of The Bloom Room florists explains, “exposure to the heat, wind and direct sunlight really effects the freshness of your flowers.”

It is important to choose  flowers that will stay fresh throughout the entire day.  Kate Hill, owner of Kate Hill Flowers advises brides to, “select hardier varieties such as roses, orchids, dahlias, calla lillies, freesias, Australian natives and tropicals.” Look for ones with a waxy texture to ensure staying power. Buying local flowers is another way to go; blooms that are in season in your area will more likely survive a long day in a bouquet.

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Maintain your blooms

orchids-lovelyContact: Lovely Bridal Blooms

When it comes to wedding flowers, the higher the temperature, the more upkeep they’ll require. Have them delivered the day of the wedding and make sure there’s a refrigerator on-site to store them before the ceremony starts. Also, be mindful of your flowers during photography sessions. When your photographer isn’t snapping away, have a friend or bridesmaid hold your bouquet in a shady spot, or place it in a vase of cool water. If your blooms will be exposed to the summer heat for an extended amount of time, keep a spray water bottle on hand and give your flowers a light misting every hour or so.

Vivien Chia, owner of Primrose and Thyme Floral Design recommends lillies and orchids as aisle flowers if a water source isn’t handy. She suggests staying away from Gardenias due to their tendency to turn brown within a short period of time, and also to avoid Hydrangeas in a bouquet as they don’t last well without water- although are lovely for the reception in vases. Clara Cetrangolo from Clara’s Flower Studio also advises against Tulips, “as they open very quickly and can wilt in the heat. Even when wired the petals are very delicate, bruise very easily and have a short exposure period.”

Opt for bright and bold colours

bluebucketfulContact: Bluebucketful –  Flowers & Events

For the colour of your flowers, check out which flowers will be in bloom around your ceremony and reception site, and consider bold versions of those hues. Kate Hill, owner of Kate Hill Flowers says, “we have seen an increase of bold colour pallets which is on trend with this season’s fashion. Brides are definitely becoming a little more adventurous with using colour.”

For an outdoor or semi-formal wedding, think violet, hot fuchsia, mango, magenta, and green. Wine colours and deeper shades are appropriate for formal weddings, like dark red roses or deep purple lilies. When it comes to casual weddings, sunflowers are a great option since you only need a few to create a vibrant pop of colour.

Choose the right centrepieces

Red Ribbon StudioPhoto: Red Ribbon Studio

You have plenty of summer centrepiece arrangements to choose from. Malynda Impey,  florist at The Bloom Room  says it’s important to keep in mind the venue’s gardens and surrounds. Clara Cetrangolo, owner of  Clara’s Flower Studio says, “roses outweigh all my requests” because of their vast colour pallet and availability.

If you’re having a formal wedding, go for tall vases overflowing with a mix of bold and deep-hued flowers. To create a modern vibe, display monochromatic green, orange, or even yellow blooms in clear Lucite containers. For an outdoor wedding, consider wooden containers filled with colourful, locally grown flowers. During the cocktail hour, daisies in simple Mason jars will perk up the space. Vivien Chia from Primrose and Thyme Floral Design says luscious blooms and rustic garden types of flowers are the most popular at the moment. Or look into potted centrepieces so guests can take them home as bomboniere.

by The Knot


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