Today I’m Loving: Map Wedding Details

A map wedding theme is simple, graphic and budget-friendly.

by Erin Whitty

If you’re a closest cartologist or love world exploration, consider making maps your wedding theme.

Map-Paper-Garlands-MintAfternoon Etsy

Photocopy them, cut them up, wrap them around table numbers and napkin rings or deck your ceilings with fabulous map paper garlands like these ones from Mint Afternoon (Etsy.com).

Nail the look (and save some money) with reproductions of vintage maps. You can find copies (re-purposed as wrapping paper) at Zetta Florence in Melbourne (zettaflorence.com.au), Paper2 (paper2.com.au) in Sydney and boutique gift shops all ’round Australia.

Map Escort Cards

Is there a city or country that means something to you both? Use maps of the area to tell your story.

travel-themed table numbers

Simple but effective: adhere maps to table numbers.

Vintage-Map-Sticker-Seals Etsy

It’s all in the details. Tie your look together with these Vintage Map Sticker Seals from Happy August (Etsy.com).


Or decorate on a much larger scale with this World Map Wall Decal at Vinyl Impression (Etsy.com).

Are you using maps in your wedding?



by Erin Whitty


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