Today I’m Loving: Glam Bridal Shoes

These oh-so stylish brides added an unexpected splash of colour to their bridal style.

by Alexandra Thompson

There is nothing quite like a fabulous pair of shoes to brighten up your Thursday! These stylish brides flaunted they’re fashionable edge with some very glam coloured shoes to compliment their bridal style. We love the idea of adding a splash of colour to your look with bold shoes, you can even match your shoes with your bouquet or your bridesmaid dresses for a fun touch!

Are you wearing glam shoes on your wedding day? Are you splashing out with a coloured pair?

by Alexandra Thompson


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  1. WOW!!!

    I have been looking for places to make me some red “Dorothy” shoes for my W day! Can you recomend where these brides purchased their amazing shoes from??

    Thank you

  2. My bridsmaid found me the most AMAZING red wedding shoes ever, have a look at http://www.wittner.com.au. My colour is red to and they have this shoe called “Amber” its red sequins very “dorothy”but still very elegant and classy. Im in love with them good luck !!!!

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