Time to Find Our Wedding Bands

Julie and her fiance hit the shops to find the perfect ring... With bling but within budget.

by Julie Sharper

Last weekend my fiance and I were (finally) able to take some time out and look for wedding rings. I was hoping to do it earlier though it is hard to find a day which doesn’t include my fiance’s sporting commitments. The weekend just gone brought with it high winds (no boating), a bye for his cricket team (no game) and no golf until the afternoon, so it was the perfect combination for me to snap him  up and browse the jewellery shops.

Our intention was to find my wedding band at the same place as we got my engagement ring, so we headed straight for that store. On our last visit they were great and we left with a beautiful engagement ring only just over our budget. This time I had a mission to be thriftier in our purchase for my wedding band.

I had set myself a big challenge; find a ring with half a band of diamonds for under $1000… Was it possible? Well, the first store thought not, the rings they showed me were beautiful but the style wasn’t what I was looking for and the price range was over our budget.

My next thought was that I could we get the ring designed for less. I wasn’t too concerned with the quality or size of the diamonds… My engagement ring already had that going for it. The ring I envisioned in my head was delicate looking, complemented my engagement ring and did not compete with it.

Unfortunately the sales girl who had been assisting us was interrupted by a fellow colleague who said that due to the price of gold it would cost more to have the ring made than to buy it straight off the shelf. He had lost me there, and lost a sale. It was time to move on because I was determined to stay under budget.

The next store was less exclusive and while looking through the front window I straight away spied a ring which looked delicate in nature, not too overstated… A perfect match! On closer inspection it cost too much but I was almost ready to commit to it when (at the last minute) I nervously asked for their best offer which turned out to be $350 less than the price tag. We decided to go for it so now my ring has been found and is being made to my specifications. Fantastic

Now for my fiance’s ring… Though that’s a story for another day.

Till next time. Julie xo

Have you started looking for your wedding band? Have you had any success? What kind of wedding band are you looking for?

by Julie Sharper


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