The Wedding Singer

Simon searches for a band that will entertain his guests on the night -- in a good way.

by Simon Prentice

This week has been spent searching for our wedding entertainment. I was perfectly happy with the idea of plugging in an MP3 player loaded with great songs into a PA system, but according to a few helpful sources, a live band encourages people to dance whereas an MP3 player does not.

So the search began. It was actually quite entertaining searching the deepest darkest corners of the internet for wedding bands. The results have been absolutely hilarious and absolutely nothing like what is portrayed in the new TV show “Wedding Band”. There are no chiseled cheek bones, no inspired reworking of songs, and certainly no sense of style. Why is it that at some point, wedding bands decide that they need to differentiate themselves by wearing different coloured suit jackets or coloured glasses? The majority of the groups look like high school jam bands who have gotten old and never given up on the dream. Now they appear withered in their poorly shot YouTube promotional clips dancing like someone’s drunken uncle at a Christmas party.

Diary of a Groom: The Wedding Singer

‘So why not hire a DJ?’ I hear you ask. Basically, I do not see the point of hiring someone who stands in the corner doing the same job that an MP3 player can do. Even better, the MP3 player will play all songs that I like, rather than a DJ who will at some point pull out his guaranteed crowd pleasers and play “Living on a Prayer” and “500 Miles” which would bring a tear of despair to my eye.

Perhaps I am being too harsh, however, this is the one area of the wedding, which as a music lover, will completely make or break my day. Fortunately, we remembered that my bride-to-be’s brother and sister had the same person play at their wedding and he was great. He is a Scottish one man band (no cymbals on his knees) who can get a crowd up and dancing like only the Celts can.

Now with the musician booked, we have to decide whether there are any particular songs which we want him to learn. I am tempted to just let him do what he does best rather than ask him to try to grapple with our obscure taste in music.

So what should I do? Trust him to do what he does best and for us to go blindly into the night, every song a (hopefully pleasant) surprise? Or ask him to learn a bunch of songs that he may/may not know or feel comfortable playing?

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by Simon Prentice


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