The Perils of Online Shopping

The bridesmaids dresses Julie ordered online have arrived... But is she happy with them?

by Julie Sharper

Good news: my wedding shoes arrived and the picture didn’t do it justice. They look more beautiful in person and I just want to spend every day in them till the wedding day, well I would like to. For now they sit high up in my wardrobe so not to distract me, until my dress fitting, only seven more days… Not that I’m counting!

The bridesmaids’ dresses also arrived and I was so excited for their arrival that I rushed to the post office right on opening time just to pick it up. Yes, I was (clearly) super keen to see these dresses. On opening the package I was a little disappointed, more by how the dresses were packaged than the dresses themselves. Each dress had obviously not been ironed and had been folded into a small bag, further distorting their actual shape. Then they were wrapped up all together into a cube shape for travel.

Now, I looked past that for the moment and pulled each dress out for inspection. The first thing I noticed was that all the dresses were beautifully made, the craftsmanship was really spot on, however though the sizes of the dresses were way off. All of them looked so big and all my girls are so small.

I thought to myself “let me try the smallest size on and see if it’s just my eyes playing tricks or are they really that big”. Ok, my eyes are alright, the dresses are that big everywhere… bust, hips and in length. It appears that the sizes we ordered are not what we received, in fact each dress is a size to big. Needless to say I am disappointed.

Luckily, a few of my girlfriends have ordered their dresses from the same place and they found that their dresses were also big. I found some comfort in knowing that I didn’t make a mistake. Now what to do with all this extra fabric? I’m hoping that the company will exchange the dresses for smaller sizes, limiting how much adjusting needs to be done. If not, well, I’ll have a to find a good seamstress or my girls will need to start eating more.

The moral of my blog is to be careful with online purchasing, though I saved money initially, it may cost just as much to resize them all. I’ll keep you all posted on the outcome of the dresses.


Till next time.
Julie xo

Have you purchased any of your wedding items online? Did you have a good experience? Or can you relate to Julie? 


Facebook photo by: Paul Versluis Photography

by Julie Sharper


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  1. We ordered ours from bridaldreamdress.com and were told to measure ourselves up, pick the size that best matched the hips from the size chart, and put in other measurements so they were made to match. They longer, but that is something that the MIL was able to fix herself, most everything else was fine with the exception of 2 dresses needing to be pulled in slightly at the bust – something that was probably overestimated anyway due to their bust size. We had a positive experience, and I know of other people who too had a positive experience going through lightinthebox.com and jjhouse – there are always going to be negative experiences but there are with stores you go to as well! You can request colour samples to make sure you get it just right, and even order extra material that you can use with decorations, or additions to the dresses. We paid half of what we would have in store and I was very happy.

  2. Hi Knotties,
    I too, had this exact same experience. We used the online sizing charts and purchased the sizes we needed for my girls and they too came back a size too big. The dresses were exactly as pictured and what I expected in terms of quality and colour etc, so I was really happy on that front, and like you Julie still a little disappointed they weren’t the sizes the girls were after, but I’m glad they were too big and not too small.
    We didn’t have time to send them back, so both my girls got their dresses altered. They most likely would have required some altering even with a store bought dress, but probably not needed as much work. The dresses were still cheaper online with tailoring included then they were if I was to purchase from the store in Australia.
    Overall I’m happy that we bought online in the end, just ensure that you are dealing with a reputible online seller who is selling genuine brands rather than cheap copies.

  3. I ordered my bridesmaids dresses, my dress & the boys suits online. The only problem I’ve had is that the suits are taking a bit longer to arrive than we thought they would. The quality of the BM dresses is amazing so is my dress. We measured everyone & ordered custom-sized dresses & suits. Two of the BM’s need to have their dresses taken in a little but we expected that for one as she is breast feeding, the other has lost a bit of weight. Overall, I’m so happy with the experience & the amount of money we saved.

  4. I have had so many friends buy on line and they are usually disappointed. At least when you go to a bridal shop you can see exactly what you are getting.The photos on the on line sites are of the actual designer gown – but to be able to do them so cheap they have to use really cheap fabric and really cheap (often child) labour. I would not feel right wearing a wedding gown that has caused misery to some poor child – I suppose I am superstitious but I am a believer is karma.

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