The Latest Wedding Video to Hit YouTube

We love to watch those wild and whacky wedding videos where couples bust a move on the dance floor or stun their wedding guests . Here’s the latest video to…

by Chelsea Tromans

By now you may have noticed the trend for to-be-weds to make a fun wedding video, or capture an unexpected twist at their wedding on camera (think J&K’s Wedding Entrance). We still find ourselves amazed at couple’s creativity –and their willingness to swap their once-in-a-lifetime moment in place of what will quite possibly be a lifetime of laughs every time they re-watch this video. Actually that kinda sounds like a great trade-off!

Joya and Emre’s wedding video, based around the Black Eyed Peas ‘The Time (Dirty Bit)’ song is the latest wedding video to make the rounds on YouTube. The preparation that must have gone into this wedding is impressive, and the couple say they sat down with their videographer and wedding planner to nut out the details. We can’t imagine the time and stress that went into this production! They then also had to prepare all their wedding guests, including some reluctant groomsmen, about their required involvement. We were impressed they were able to get so many people that were willing to have fun in front of the camera.

See the video for yourself – it may not be something you and your fiancé are keen for, but who knows, it might spark some other ideas!

Are you and your fiancé planning a little surprise for your wedding guests?

by Chelsea Tromans


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