The How-To Of DIY Wedding Flowers

An expert's take on how to get your green thumb on.

by Rebecca Hanley

Whether you fancy yourself a budding florist or you’re just keen to shave a little off your wedding budget, doing your own wedding flowers is totally possible. This option allows you to have full creative control, plus you’ll only pay retail price for the flowers without shelling out for the florist’s labour. Want to know how? Expert wedding planner Arianna Grande from Grande Moments kindly shared a few of her best tips for pulling off seriously amazing wedding flowers, DIY-style.


Image: Swiss Hippo & Birdie via Pinterest, flowers by Flower Girl NYC

Which flowers are trending at the moment?

All types that have that ‘just picked from the garden’ look about them. To get this effect, consider a combination of any of the following flowers: roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, fresias, hyacinths, alstroemeria, lisianthus, ranunculus, carnations, gerberas and berries, along with different types of succulents and foliage. Dahlias are also making a big come back this year – they are big and beautiful and fill a big space in a bouquet.

If a bride is doing her own wedding flowers, where should she source them?

Your closest main city should have flower markets. Sometimes you can pre-order in advance to organise the exact colour and type of flower you want. You can also look around in rural areas, they can have local growers that will sometimes sell to the public. Sometimes a local rose grower may also grow other flowers.

Are any times of the year trickier for sourcing flowers than others?

If you are timing your wedding for Xmas/New Year this is a very hard time of year for your florist because a lot of the wholesalers they would regularly get their stock from do close down for this period, some shorter periods than others, but there is that chance that the week of your wedding the wholesalers will be closed and you may have stock from the week before, so a little risky on the quality. So ask the Florist exactly when the flowers will arrive into their store.

Any hot tips for brides on a budget?

Ask vendors at the flower markets how many stems are in each bunch. For example, usually roses will come in a bunch of 10 stems, but sometimes suppliers will charge per stem or for a bunch of 5 stems. It depends on the type of flower or foliage you are ordering. Knowing this will help you compare prices fairly.

How should I take care of the flowers once I’ve purchased them?

Invest in a pair of florist’s scissors (they are not very expensive), and always cut a couple of centimetres from each stem once you get them home – this will allow the stems to rehydrate.   If possible, keep them in a fridge on very low temperature.

Help – my flowers haven’t opened yet!

If you have bought flowers that are fully closed buds and you keep them in a fridge they won’t open in time for the wedding day, but on the other hand if you have them out too long they will open up too much. If you need your blooms to open by your wedding day, then depending on the weather, keep them out of the fridge for a little each day until they open up as you would like them to.

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by Rebecca Hanley


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